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Chewing Gunm??

Hi Chicas! :)
Hope everyone's doing great, it seems all my threads recently are bold ones, looking for cheats ha!
I've decided against Coke Zero etc. Howeeever... just wondering, does anyone chew sugar free gum?
Is this my LAST cheatery question!

I only ask cos I know it's allowed on other VLCDs and thought maybe LT just "forgot" to tell us we can have it :p

God loves a chancer :)
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I love your cheatery questions.. I am all for finding out if there is more we can have...

I will keep checking back to see if someone more knowledgeable answers x x x
This is really un educated advice but I did have chewing gum all the way through last time and still lost 2 1/2 stone in 7 weeks so didn't do me any harm. This is not the scientific answer though! ha ha xx
:D glad I'm not being frowned upon by EVERYONE :p
See I'm using Target Slim shakes at the mo, they are exactly the same nutrients wise but cheaper and ABSOLUTLY VILE!! The weight loss is the same as LT but sugar free gum is allowed :/

I don't really want to risk cravings but I've heard of Lipotrimmers chewwing gum in the past so just wondering does anyone here?

I'll be happy as larry when I know for sure, I wont cheat, I have full confidence in myself but want to know the facts too :p
Woo Hoo bat you little gem :)
That's great to know!
Did you find craving worse or anything?
Think that the official line is big fat 'no' Daisy, but I'll admit to using it! Especially if I'm out and about and chatting to people, I don't want them to recoil in horror when I open my gob:eek:
Ah official smhiffical!! Pfft to LT and their big fat no!
I'm going to give it a try when I get into ketosis and if it affects weight loss or cravings I'll stop but I feel soooo self concious talking to anyone with my big disgusting ketosisy breath

It's for the sake of my friends and collegues, not myself of corse ;)
Thanks Sandra :)
Oooo, this is good to know!! I'm all for anythin that helps me to stay on the shakes for longer without risking losing my ketosis, what other cheaterys do we know of??? :) x x x
Bouillion - the gorgeous soupy drink there are lots of threads about.
I think I maaay give this a miss though cos I'm terrified of giving myself bad cravings :/
I only use Bouillon cos it is the only hot drink i have..I can't stand any of the teas or coffees, even with sweetener.... I must admit Daisy, i have 2 Bouillon a day, but yesterday i had 3!! (BAD BAD SU!! lol), but i stepped on my scales this morning (after wee and before shake) and i had lost 4lb from my weigh in on Monday! I only started to have it because i don't want to get so bored with just the shakes that i give up......Go on.. you know you want to!! lol
Come round here and i will make you one. .that way it's not cheating cos it's not your fault!! pmsl x x x
Thanks Lisa.. I don't feel so bad now.. There are 2 naughty girls on here!! lol x x
Do you not find it brings on cravings?
The one I got is in tablet form, like oxo cubes.
Non reduced salt version, I might wait till I get the reduced salt powder one you all seem to have!
I think there must be cos it's just tooooo amazing tasting!! :)
Very salty though, I may use half a tablet in future?
Ok here goes......I've already admitted to it on my Blog but I use very low cal squash in my water! Can't drink the bloody stuff otherwise and I'm damned if I'm buying bottled just to pi88 it down the toilet! I check my ketosis every morning and it's had no effect whatsoever....just check the amount of carbs per serving on the bottle and do the maths.....

Here's my wrist for a good slapping;)
No I think you're right, whatever keeps you on track!
A bit of squash is a million times better than a big binge and coming off LT!!
Your losses are great :)
I'm tempted my chewwing gum but I'll wait till ketosis hits! :)


Getting married in July!!
:)girls tut tut yous r so so bold!!!! putting all these naughty ideas into the head of inpreshionables like myself!!!!!:devilangel::giveup:


Dont Worry Be Happy
just a little post i found whilst thinking of having some chewing gum.
Out of Ketosis ? chewing gum I'm not a dieting cheat but wouldn't give myself a 10/10

I'm probably a 9.5 as I have been known to sneak a taste of cheese every now and again. That said, I've hardly lost anything this last couple of weeks and couldn't think why.

I've never checked whether I'm in ketosis for weeks as I always was strongly in ketosis. I checked this morning (before any shakes etc) and I'm not in ketosis.

The only thing I've done different is binged on chewing gum. I've had the odd piece here and there for a few weeks but recently have been feeling a bit hungry so thought I'd just have some water and a bit of chewing gum. It got worse, so much so, that I've been having a pack a day. there are 9 bits in Trident splash and 14 in Trident soft. I've eaten all of them, about 6 packs a week for the last couple of weeks. How mad is that?

I think they are addictive and make you hungry - i think I've been staving off hunger with the thing thats made me hungry in the first place.

What do the wise people on here think?
I was reeeally really hungry about 2 hours ago so had a piece and the hunger vanished :)
But I can see how it could be the problem causing hunger in the long run :(
I'll have a piece when reeeally really desperate, not every day mind!

That sound ok? :)

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