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Green Days Chick Pea Dahl from Asda

Mrs V

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Yes, its opposite the spices and tinned fish Hun. If in doubt ask a member of staff, thats what they are there for. Its delicious!


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I agree, it's so good, and syn free on Green days too, lovely.
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I have asked 3 members of staff and they didnt have a clue what I was talking about! :confused:

Thanks ladies x I have also taken a picture on my phone just in case xx
Its gorgeous!! Tried it last night for the 1st time & can't wait to have it again now!!

In our store, I managed to actually find it myself! It is with the tinned things like chilli & tinned stew type meals if that makes sence. I was there ages looking but spotted it eventually :)


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tinned fish aisle kin my Asda too! Good luck with your hunt, it's worth it!


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One of the ladies at my group said that she uses Asda Chick Pea Dahl to make a 'recipe' (sorry cant think of another word to describe it !)

She makes up a mild curry Batchelors rice pack, lets it cool, mixes it with the can of dahl with 4 eggs and then bakes it in a loaf tin on about 180 degrees until it sets.

She says it is lovely - I'm definately going to try it. Thought you might want to as well.


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Sounds good Kath :D I had the dahl for my dinner this evening for the first time and loved it, will definitely have it again and it's so easy! ;)


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This will sound stupid but what does it taste like?


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I found mines next to the tinned meals. You know you'll find chicken curry in a can, chilli, chicken in sauce?

It was next to those on the shelf, along with vegetable balti and bombay potato.

Meals in tins.


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Katie, I don't know how to describe it but if you like Indian food, I'm sure you'll like it - worth a try anyway, nothing to lose :D Hope Asda don't catch on or they'll be putting the price up!

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