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chicken bovril


likes to eat!


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I got mine from Tesco I think, but they also had it in Morrisons. You could maybe use a chicken stock cube or a chicken oxo cube made into stock, or beef bovril made into stock if you don't fancy the chicken stock cubes etc :) xxx


likes to eat!
thank you, I looked in Tescos, and Asda and Sainsbury's and they never had any, even looked in the Home Bargains/Poundstretcher type places while I was in town today, but thanks for the alternative suggestions
Emma xx


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I got some from morrisons about 2 weeks ago.
I have never used it, so I am not sure what it is. Is it just to make a stock? If so, then I only use Knorr. Either the Stockpot, if I am definitely going to need 500ml of stock (which is a lot for me) or more often the Touch of Taste in a bottle, because then I can use a much smaller amount.


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Ive looked everywhere and the only place i can find it is Morrisons.

Good Luck



I will do this!!!
I get mine from sainsburys or tesco. They have them on the website for home shopping now.


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Morrisons for me too

Mrs V

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I can only get it from Tesco with me! Asda and Sainsbury's dont stock it.
KFC "style" chicken is fantastic by the way and definitely worth the hunt for the chicken bovril!


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Its funny how Knorr stockpot are free as they have, if I remember rightly, 2.6 grs of fat per tab. This is loads!
Its funny how Knorr stockpot are free as they have, if I remember rightly, 2.6 grs of fat per tab. This is loads!
Both the Stock Pots and the Touch of Taste used to have a small amount of syns, but SW made them free when they issued their stock cube amnesty!!

2.6g of fat seems quite high, but then those little tubs do make half a litre of stock.

The Touch of Taste in the little bottles are lower in fat than the Stock Pots, and I think they taste nicer. And they are much more flexible to use, especially if you are cooking just for one - I very rarely need half a litre of stock for anything.

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