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Chicken breast is soooo expensive!


Is it just me, or is chicken breast just crazy expensive! - i decided to take a stand! :p

I bought a full chicken at £3, then chucked all the skin away!

Got myself, 2 legs, 2 breasts, 2 wings and lots of other bits for curries and stuff.

I think you should all join me in pulling apart raw chickens and freezing all the bits that you arent gonna eat straight away!

:D xxxxxxxxxx
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Are you starting a revolution ;)

Must say, when I get time I do that as it works out so much cheaper - and I actually do like the thighs etc - great in the slow cooker.
I wouldn't have a clue how to take apart a whole chicken??!
For some reason i can do it when its cooked but not raw!! My OH will only eat free range chicken which is even more expensive so chicken has become a real treat for us!!
I've just youtubed it and it looks quite easy! Might start buying some whole chickens and cutting them up. I can't believe how much cheaper it would be. I only buy free range too, MommyB, but I'm sure this would still work out cheaper for whole chicken rather than buying free range pieces.


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I did this yesterday and removed the skin after cooking (yes i was good and didnt eat it gave it to the dog lol) but im wary now as the chicken seemed greasy under the skin not just moist but greasy does anyone else get this and do you think it's fat?


Not such a fat kat now :)
I mostly buy whole chickens the flavour is better. I slow cook it in the oven in a casserole dish with a couple of centimetres of water on 120 ish for about 5 hours or so. then I can completely disect it, getting even the smallest bits of chicken off the carcase. I divide the meat up into at least 2 or more meals(depending on chicken size). then I use the stock for a casserole or soup.
i have just bought a chicken in my local co-op, they are on deal at the moment half price for elmwood british chicken now £1.47 per kg instead of £2.99 so i got a medium one for £2.39
I always buy either whole chickens or chicken thighs. I'll only get free range too so chicken is more of a treat than the norm, it's great when you get the whole FR chickens marked down in tesco!
TBH though, if you cook the chicken whole you can get at least 3 meals out of it for the price of a pack of chicken breasts and because I pay a high price for it I make sure I get 3 meals from it too!!!
I just roast it, cut the breasts off and then rip the rest of the meat off the bones for a risotto or curry. Yum!
i must admit i will only buy free renge chicken after watching a programme how battery chickens live (not to self not to watch any more programmes how food is made, lol) buts its just so expensive so i tend to stay away from chicken now but i do miss it x

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