Chicken chow mein from chinese


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Its widly assumed that the points they give on the WW site are for restaurant sized portions, not takeaway ones. And since a restaurant portion is about half the size of a tray it makes more sense.

However, it's a pretty wildly debated topic here. ;) You've got two camps of people: those who say 'but WW says it's 8pp so I'm pointing it at that' and others who say 'that doesn't make sense if the noodles alone are 8pp' etc. Personally I think with WW you have to use a lot of common sense - I'm in the latter camp because while I do trust WW with a lot of stuff, there are enough inconsistencies with their pointing online that I don't follow it blindly.

I had a vegetable chow mein on Friday night from the takeaway, ate the lot and pointed it at 15pp despite the page online saying 7pp.... Personally I think you need to look at each part of the food individually and make an educated guess like you seem to have done. :)


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Just answered the question I was searching for, cheers :D