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Childrens party games - ideas needed

My brother and sister in law have taken complete leave of their senses and are having a party for 30 kids to celebrate my nieces 5th birthday.

Theyve got the usual games lined up, pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey, balloon relay, musical bumps & statues but I think theyre a wee bit unprepared and need LOTS more.

Has anyone any suggestions of games for 4/5 year olds, the plan is to split them into probably 3 groups of 10 for each game.
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pass the hat around...... if ya have the hat on your head when the music stops..... your out!

simon says.... went down really well at my daughters sixth party a few weeks ago.... we were having problems initially with the music system and were like OMG..... luckily after one game of simon says the clowns took over and our music also got sorted for later! kids loved this one though!

Another game i played is to in each corner of the room put large signs with pictures or colours..... than music is played and the children dance, when the music stops they go to a corner, an adult who is blindfolded this whole game..... chooses a corner and the children in that corner are out..... this is best played with all the children together!

If i have any more ideas will pass them on

Love Nas x


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Good game is get all the children in one room..... all the adults run out.... lock the door and let the mayhem commence....:eek:

lol (sorry not very constructive but thats what the adults will probably want to do after half an hour!!)

Oh and make sure there is a darkened room, damp clothes for heads and lots of alcohol for the adults when the kids have gone home....!!

Quite right they have taken complete leave of all senses.... I only had 5 kids for my daughters birthday in the house and the volume was extrodinary - so add ear plugs to the list above!!!

You'll have a great time.....:D
You'll have a great time.....:D
Oh no. I only look daft ;) Im working Saturday, cant possibly get time off :giggle: I took Emma out last week & got her pressie, bought her another 2 to open on her b'day yesterday, my brownie points are all in tact ;)

The mayhem and chaos is all theirs - and theyre welcome to it lol


Taking Back Control...!!!
Oh no. I only look daft ;) Im working Saturday, cant possibly get time off :giggle: I took Emma out last week & got her pressie, bought her another 2 to open on her b'day yesterday, my brownie points are all in tact ;)

The mayhem and chaos is all theirs - and theyre welcome to it lol

Sounds like a perfect set up..... that's what aunties are for.... breeze in, spoil child with loads of pressies and breeze out before the mayhem commences....:D


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At my school we do have lots of parties for all ages-the 4's and 5's really like the disco dancing that everyone does together like YMCA, Superman, Macarena etc. You just need someone to lead it!
Hi - some ideas for you


When you call 'French bean' the children should say 'Ooh, la, la', when you say 'broad bean' they should stand with their arms and legs outstretched, when you say 'baked bean' they should wipe their brow as if they are really hot, for 'runner bean' they should run around, for 'jumping bean' they should jump around the room, for 'chilli bean' they should shiver, for 'baby bean' they should curl up in a ball, for string bean they stand tall, for magic bean they spin round, for jelly bean they wobble and for beans on toast they lie on their backs.

Fish relay

Split the children into teams. Each team needs a 'fish' made from tissue paper and a beater made from rolled up newspaper. A losely rolled paper is much easier to use than one that has been tightly rolled. Half the team stand one end of the hall, the other stand the other side. The fish is moved across the hall by beating the floor behind it. The game is played as a relay race.

Sharks and Islands

Spilt the children into small groups of (approx) four. Give each group a large sheet of paper (e.g. several sheets of newspaper stuck together) and tell them this is their island. Each team should stand on their island. When an adult says 'swim' they should go into 'the sea' (the hall floor) and swim around the islands. When an adult says 'shark' they must swim back to their island. Each time an adult rips a piece of the island away. Teams must help each other to stay on their increasingly tiny islands! (An alternative is to give each child an island and take away one at a time. In this version children may go to any island.)
Never forget when you have had enough - DEAD LIONS - a lifesaver!! I have loads more if you need mor :)


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I had a party at home for my 6 year old son, here's some of the games:

Balloon spoon race - like egg and spoon race but with a balloon instead.

Feather and fans - using paper to swish the feather across the finish line in teams.

Pin the medal on action man - like pin the tail on the donkey but can be adapted for the needs of the party, maybe pin the crown on the princess, just draw the picture and blu tack it to the wall.

Im sure I can think of some others.............

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