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Chinese or india takeaway?

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Eating Out' started by Lizzymag, 25 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. Lizzymag

    Lizzymag Active Member

    Hi everyone
    Thinking of having a takeaway this eve but cant decide on chinese or indian?
    If i go chinese it would be vegetable chow mein and if i go indian it would probably be chicken dhansak ( normally it would be veg biryani and korma sauce but i know that would be wayyyy too many syns)

    Does anyone know the syn values of the above?

    Thank you!
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  3. LoveMyCat

    LoveMyCat Well-Known Member

    I know a chicken dhansak is 6.5! With boiled rice, or pilau is around 2/2.5 I think! I've got a feeling that chow me in is around 7 but I'm not totally sure! What did you go for?! My OH works for a curry house at the moment so I am pretty much living and breathing curry syn values ;)
  4. Lizzymag

    Lizzymag Active Member

    Thanks lovemycat. I went for the dhansak in the end! The syns were so worth it lol! i thought boiled rice was free?
  5. WannabeThinna

    WannabeThinna Well-Known Member

    It is, I think lovemycat was saying the dhansak was 6.5 syns with boiled rice, pilau rice would be 2 or 2.5 syns extra.
  6. corina

    corina Member

    I thought I'd have to say goodbye all together to Indian take aways. What is dhanska like? I would normally have gone for korma/masala which I know is way too high! What would something like tandoori chicken be like for syns?
  7. Lizzymag

    Lizzymag Active Member

    Hi Corina, im the same i would normally have gone for Korma. I find the dhansak is actually very nice, its kinda sweet with a nice variety of flavours! its my new favourite lol! I just did a quick google search on syns in tandoori chicken and its coming up at 9 syns!
    You could also try making your own sw tandoori chicken (again i googled and it came up staight away)
  8. corina

    corina Member

    Thanks lizzy. I might try that dhanksi next time so :)
  9. Bryan47380

    Bryan47380 Member

    Thanks for the advice it will help a lot
  10. neonbright

    neonbright New Member

    Lovemycat would you have a good guesstimate on lamb rogan josh please? I was enjoying it when I did a wheat free diet recently but have no idea now on syns! Thanks!

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