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Chinese takeaway help


This is for life
I've just had crispy duck without the pancakes or hoisin sauce of course! Also took the skin off to try to minimise sneaky carbs but seemed pretty dry roasted.

Life saver as could not be bothered to cook :)
too late now you probably indulged !! x


On a mission for boobs!
Not ordered any food yet actually. Thinking of not eating anything tbh. Having a stressful weekend so my mind is elsewhere.

Not even sure if I'm hungry or not. Been staring at indian and chinese menu's for about 2 hours. lol!
I'm led to believe egg foo yung is mostly legal.

Sure you want Chinese? It's probably one of the hardest takeaways to stay legal on!
well save money and have a boiled egg instead !! xx


On a mission for boobs!
No idea what I want. Having a bad day.

And Ive got no eggs. Going to go shopping for stuff tomorrow, cant be bothered tonight - cant leave the house atm anyway.
sorry you are having a bad day ................ anything in the freezer ? xx


On a mission for boobs!
Yeah, I have left over lamb donner with celeriac chips n cheese in a bag in the freezer, and I made coleslaw earlier today (well, cabbage and mayo!).

I'm not stuck for food, freezer is a haven of dead animal and I have veg in the fridge.

Just, ah, pfft... lol! one of those ones! :p
anything us minimins can do or help with ? xx


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Also took the skin off to try to minimise sneaky carbs
THAT is dedication - it's the best bit! I've had crispy duck, skin and all, without coming out of ketosis - I do know there is probably flour or sugar in there somewhere, however, but in an amount that obviously doesn't affect me. Even the dry ribs are usually cooked in a sugar glaze - and I know japanese omelette contains sugar, not sure about chinese. Minefield! But I do think some people are more sensitive to things like that than others.

Indian is definitely easier to eat safely on. Tandoori chicken pieces, salad, no sauces etc. Or a kebab minus the pita.


On a mission for boobs!
Yeah, I'm alright! Everyone will think I'm daft, but I keep pet rats and I've just introduced a new boy to the group on Friday and I swear to god they are stressing me out!

The new one screams so loud you'd think someone is trying to murder him! Gets very worrying, but I know he's just being a drama queen!

Its my first ratty intro (group of 4, now 5, hormonal teenage boys!) and they are really testing me. I feel a bit sick with worry.

Why would they do this to me! And on mother's day of all days!!!

All seems quiet on the rat front at the moment tho.. but give it time!
bless ......... at least your lot are caged !! my boys keep eating infront of me !!! all the wrong things .............. hope they settle soon x


On a mission for boobs!
lol! Cheers! Animals really tug on my heart strings, little *******.

Thought I might need to get one of them castrated earlier on, but I've calmed down a bit now, and that thought has passed for now!

They little [email protected]*&"s are now all snuggled up in a hammock sleeping. I, on the other hand, havent slept well for the last 2 night, feel shattered, emotionally drained and a bit sick!

I should have got a robo dog. lol!


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I love rats. My pets are cats but we have little communes of tiny fieldmice living under the shed outside, who I adore, and we had the most wonderful giant brown rat who lived at the end of the garden. He was so big our cats just accepted him as a local character. I used to feed him biscuits. One of my friends keeps rats as pets - always boys on their own though. Dumbo type.


On a mission for boobs!
Your friend really shouldnt keep a lone rat as a pet. They are pack animals and being alone is really bad for them, mentally more than anything else.

I had a friend who kept rats by themselves when I was younger, and looking back, they were the saddest looking rats I think I've ever seen.

Decided on defrosted lamb kebab and celeriac chips with grated cheese - at least I know how many carbs are in that since I made it!

Sorry for my ranting, think I needed to vent (totm in a few days so I'm just an emotional bag of poo!)


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