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  1. littleangel0213

    littleangel0213 New Member

    Hi everyone, I am new here so I am sorry if there is already a thread in this.

    I was wondering if anyone knew what propoints values are in Chinese?

    I was planning on having special chow mien and perhaps some chicken balls?

    Or failing that what is everyone's favourite dish whilst in plan?

    P.S I have all my weeklies so have a few points to spare!
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  3. Clairebear1000

    Clairebear1000 A determined Bear

    Hey :)
    So the problem with takeaways is that they vary MASSIVELY from place to place, depending a lot on how much oil is used etc. However, I looked up in the Eat Out guide, supplied by WW:
    Special Chow Mein- 15pp per serving
    Chicken Balls (I'm assuming you mean the ones in batter) I could not find, but the pork balls: -22pp per serving. I'm not sure how much of a difference between pork and chicken balls would be, but if it's deep fried it's gonna be high!

    I love a good foo yung, so i'd have that (14pp) and then half portion of egg fried rice (6pp)

    Hope this helps x
  4. littleangel0213

    littleangel0213 New Member

    Thanks that is really helpful :) never had foo young before so may have to give it a go!
  5. Clairebear1000

    Clairebear1000 A determined Bear

    ooh it's lush! It's also really high in protein because it's mainly made of eggs, haha. I hope you enjoyed your takeaway! (If you've had it yet!)

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