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I'm having a rosemantic Chinese with my "better" half tonight. There's no points anywhere for chicken satay from a Chinese. But I know a pack that serves 2 bought from a shop is 6, chicken breast is 4 and then veg. Then suppose I should add say 3 for oil, in case it's used so like 13pp. Does this sound too little or does it seem about right? Is rice 14pp and does anyone know how much chips would be :( I've only eaten home made. But the Chinese ones are so nice. Not greasy as I find many chippers to be :) if anyone can help put my mind at ease I'd love it. Love chicken chow mein, but am getting a bit bored of it :(
Thank you in advance
Gracienoods xx
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love it
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I just searched the message boards on the ww site as I remembered someone else had asked this-best they could find was a thai one listed at 8 points-hope this helps
( of course you have made me want a chinese now too !!!)


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Ooowww 8pp. Livin it!! I know I know am sorry. If it's any consolation I've been dying for it since my bf mentioned it on Monday and am working 8-7 today, just can't wait. You wouldn't have any idea bout chips from a Chinese I'll go have a gander see what I can see but if anyone can help. Chicken satay and chips is my staple like last meal meal. Yum yum ;) been good this week, well except yesterday was starving but ate loadsa fruit. Changing meeting aswell, it's closer, from Tuesday to Thursday so I have an extra 2 days to lose it yay!! Must be good!! Must be good :)