1. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    Hi, can anyone help me with pointing up Chinese? A list would be helpful :) x
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  3. Dia Dhuit Puisín

    Dia Dhuit Puisín is back on the wagon!

    I'll be able to post more when I have my Eat Out book to hand but I remember that Chicken with Cashew Nuts is 10 points.
  4. gem91

    gem91 Full Member

    Hiya here's a few values that I've found along the way, however I think these are for a small portion but I've never found the weights. Hope this helps a little x
    Mushroom chow mein 6pp
    Veg curry 8pp
    Chicken and mushroom 8pp
    Special chow mein 9pp
    Chicken and cashews 9pp
    Egg fried rice 16pp
    Plain boiled rice 12pp
    Chicken chow mein 9pp
    Chicken balls (8 pieces) 13pp
    Bag of chips 24pp!!
    Curry sauce tub 8pp
    Lemon chicken 10pp
    Prawn toast 3pp each
    Spring roll 9pp
    Chicken in black bean 11pp
    Beef in black bean 13pp
    Beef with green pepper in black bean sauce 12pp
    Prawn crackers 9pp (average portion)
    Roast pork Cantonese style 10pp
  5. claire-louise1990

    claire-louise1990 Full Member

    Ooo this is so handy... Glad you've shared this as for the past few Fridays I've been counting the bag of chips as 20pp... Oopsie!! X
  6. bugsbunny2000

    bugsbunny2000 Proud to be a LOSER :)

    Is that 13pp for all 8 chicken balls (fingers crossed!!)

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  7. gem91

    gem91 Full Member

    Yeah I think so, that one always seems too good to be true! I used to point them at 3 each! X
  8. Miss D

    Miss D Full Member

    I always wonder if the value for lemon chicken in the book is correct. Chicken deep fried in batter with a sweetish lemon sauce I would have thought far more than 10 pp a portion. I usually multiply it up when I have that.

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