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Chit Chat - Everybody Welcome here

I ought to explain properly really, I've proposed this thread instead of the daily hour x hour threads for us to put all our general chat. Come and share your highs and lows, your joy and your woe. If you want to tell us how much you've lost or you want to rant about your LLC then this is the place to let off steam.

Please come and chat bubbles with me. :D


I'm going to be slim
good thread mrsp I really would like a real beer though
how many have been to the pub whilst on ll I went last week & the bar staff don't listen I had 3 sparking waters & they put lemon in each even after I said no & took it out & left it on bar
I hope i've lost a pound or more this week that will be my 3 stone it's the end of foundation for me on to developement for the next few months
Hope you all have a good day & good luck to all who have wi's today


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I found a great website that has developed technology to run cars on water. It is not yet ready for the general matket (2009) but they already can weld metal using a similar technology. If you are interested take a look at Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc. .

I hope that this happens as it will solve our energy worries.

Water is an amazing thing - It expands when it is frozen (I think that everything else shrinks). It is a major part of our body mass, yet on this diet, the more you drink of it, the more weight you seem to lose! It is made of 2 powerful gases Hydrogen and oxygen and so it seems to make sense (to me at least) that there should be enough power there for us all!

What do you lot reckon - Water - gift from God, or just something to mix with Whiskey?


constantly confused
So tired today!!

Got a dog walking client after I finish work at 12, just want to curl up in a ball.

Don't feel ill though which is lovely, that fish really did the trick yesterday :D
Mikey - I think water is amazing, nothing else has the power and force that water has. Our landscape was created by the power of water and without it we'd all die. :D

TG - I'm glad you're feeling better, I know I am since I started RTM. I've got my WI tonight so I shall see how I've got on.


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Pleasant Dr's experience

Hi All,

I went to the dr this morning, to get my ankle looked at he has referred me to a physio.
He also did my monthly blood pressure check. He then says so what is this Lighter Life then, so I started telling him. He asked me how much weight I had lost so I told him his jaw dropped. He kept asking questions and I started thinking ooh dear he is going to lecture me, but no next thing he says is I am going to look into that I need to loose about 4 stone....Well it was my turn to have a jaw drop.
Anyway I walked (hobbled) out of there feeling rather smug.

Hope you are all having a grand day!
Love this thread I can come on here and jabber on all day :cool:


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Well said MrsPnut - water in ice form has more to offer than simply cooling that glass of whiskey!

Steam powered the industrial revolution too !

Well done Tange on spreading the word. I cannot help myself either. A near neighbour needs to lose a lot of weight and I am trying to talk her into it. Like me she is in that stage where you know you need to do it, but cannot pluck up the courage. She has started taking daily walks with her neighbour though which is great news.
I've made myself a list of jobs to be done before we move and allocated 3 of these to my OH.
Shall we take bets now on how often I have to remind him to do his 3 tasks? I have about 50 things on my list and that's just this weeks one. :D because I have to have so much done before we go on holiday due to me starting work 3 days after we get back.


longs to be average!
Let me guess - his list is......
1. Clear out Garage
2. Get everything out of loft
3. Pack up the house

Your list is.......
1. Shop for new curtains
2. Shop for new china pattern to go with curtains
3. Draw sketch of new room layouts

Oh no, wait, that's my list, but you're welcome to use it if it helps ;)


constantly confused
Getting myself riled watching an american chat show.

Woman is having an affair, the 'twist' is it's with another woman, cue gasps of shock and disbelief from the audience :rolleyes:

Her husband is upset because it's been going on for 6 months, which according to him is 'nearly a year'. Great maths mate, well done.

This really isn't doing much to dispel the stereotype of americans being stupid :p


longs to be average!
He's jealous because he's missed out on 6 months of fulfilling every straight mans fantasy (am I the one now stereotyping??)


8 t whole wheel of cheese
Corrr blimey, I'm looking through all of your ticker charts and i'm astounded!! You've all done amazingly! I hope I can get as far as you all have. Incidentally, Corey, I think it might be a little bit harsh on humankind if water was completely destroyed, lol... If you could somehow blame chocolate for ruining your roof i'll be up for starting a revolution with you and destroying it competely.

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