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Chocolate treats


Nojo on the YoYo
I get the treat size things, but at the min I have a box of mini toffee crisp chunks (3 syns) and mini Munchies chunks (4 syns).

Or I syn my Choc Fudge Alpen lights (3 syns) or have an Options (1.5 syns for the coconut ones I currently have or 1.5 syns for my dark highlights)

Or a couple of weeks ago I bought a Wispa Gold (13.5 syns) and split it, ate half one day and put the other half in the fridge. Man i'm restrained.
Cant go wrong with a Curly Wurly at 6 syns, or fudge finger (Cadbury) for 5.5 syns.
Mine are
Curly Wurlys = 6
Freddos = 5.5
2 finger kitkat = 5.5
Alpen lights (chocolate orange or chocolate fudge flavour) = 3 syns each OR have 2 as a HEXB

Another tip- freeze the chocolate before eating as it makes it last longer (****lots of sucking noises****)



Nojo on the YoYo
OMG you just reminded me, I have half a box of Flake 99s left hiding at the back of the cupboard somewhere... must dig out. 2.5 syns each oh yes!
I have a ryvita with nutella spread!! less syns that a choccie bar, granted not quite the same but does the trick if im having a sweet moment!!


Extra Easy Apparently...!
I have little bars of bendicks dark chocolate in my freezer- 7 syns each. As they are 70% cocoa they tend to hit the spot better than milk chocolate.


I can do this............
Has anyone seen the Cabury's Santa's magic elves yet they are 5syns i think! They are the same size as a freddo but they have popping candy in them! Yummy! Have not found them this year yet!

I normally stick with a curly wurly but i did share a wispa gold with my friend the other day and that was sooooooo gooood!! x
i adore ice cream mars bars and at 7 syns each i think they're well worth it, so much so i have one every night! :eek: I am however in my 4th week of slimming world and have lost 6lbs :) ( don't know how to change my ticker) and my BMI is now 25!! so can't be doing me too much harm he he.


Nojo on the YoYo
ice cream bars are pretty low syn on the whole aren't they? I like those mini chocolate twisters, they're like 3 or something aren't they? And minimilks are 1.5
The mini twisters are only 2.5 syns! And Skinny cow choc ice creams are 4.5. Lately I've just been mixing some options dark hot choc into my yoghurt and fruit, for a scrummy choccy pud! Only 2 syns for 11g.


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