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Chocolatecat's Healthy New Life! D:


One day at a time :)
Hi everybody!

I have been on this forum for 2 years now & I am still not where I should be. I have decided however that after joining & going to the gym last summer, I'm going back!

I will be eating healthy & mostly natural foods & exercising most days (at the gym or "swimming" (I can't swim, I just float!)).

I will be enjoy my journey & be kind to myself, after all, isn't that why I am doing this? To be good to my body so that I can live happier, healthier & longer?!

This will be my new diary too... so I can ramble & maybe people can offer advice if you wish & basically to have somewhere I can keep myself accountable.

Today & yesterday I ate fairly healthy. Yesterday I ate:
B: homemade smoothie made from low fat yogurt, a banana, juice of 1 orange, spoonful of natural peanut butter & a handful of strawberries.
L: Sweet chilli chicken & salad baguette (wholegrain) with a packet of crisps (I never eat them anyway & these were the natural ones:p)
D: Homemade pork mince with all sorts of veg & no added fat & salad & small tortilla wrap.

B: Homemade smoothie (as above but with a peach instead of strawberries)
L: Nothing & black coffee (was working through it)
D: Baked potato with salad & homemade chicken & sweetcorn mix
S: 2 x homemade gluten & dairy free choc cupcakes (I know, I know...)

The plan for tomorrow is that I will be working all day (8.30 - 6) so I won't be able to go to the gym! But I plan to eat...
B: small bowl of bran flakes & 2% milk & homemade smoothie (as above but without the peanut butter & with strawberries & blueberries)
L: sweet chilli chicken wrap with salad & 1 x homemade cupcake & black coffee
D: Baked potato with baked beans, sprinkling of mature cheddar & salad.

I will check in to let you all know if I managed it or not!!

Bu-bye! xxx

PS: The cupcakes were made with gluten free flour, soy spread & unrefined caster sugar so not quite as bad as ordinary ones!
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One day at a time :)
Today has been OK... I have been on my feet all day so I haven't been sat on my backside which is good :)

I have eaten:

B: Home made smoothie (non fat yoghurt, 1 x banana, 80g strawberries, 80g blueberries, 3 tbsp 2% milk, 1 x orange)
L: Pork & stuffing wholegrain baguette & home made cupcake & can diet coke
Snack: Got home & was starving so ate the last 2 x cupcakes (at least they're all gone now)
D: Home made chicken biriyani with salad & non fat yoghurt

Had a big fight with hubby (wrecked a whole month straight of no big arguments :() so only ate half my dinner & am really angry so might go to the gym to work it off.

Otherwise not a bad day (!) :sigh:


One day at a time :)
Today I've had a day off work which would normally mean doing housework & vegging on the sofa with as much sugary food as I could find! But not today!

I had a lovely long lie in until lunch then food has been/will be:

B: smoothie made with handful of crushed ice, 80g strawberries, 1 banana, 1 orange & 1 spoonful of natural peanut butter... was really yummy :)
L: 1 cup of last nights healthy biryani, 1 cup of salad & half a tortilla wrap
D: will be a baked potato & baked beans

I am taking mother in law to the gym tonight so should do 30mins cardio & all over body strength training for 30mins.

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One day at a time :)
Good morning campers!

I managed to get to the gym last night & it wasn't as bad as I thout it would be :D
I did 15 minutes of cardio then 30mins all over strength training on the weight machines.

I feel really good this morning & am pleased to announce that most of the extra weight I put on the last 2 months has in fact been water & I have gone nicely back down to 16st 3 as of today... phew!

My next mini goal is, on reaching the 14st somethings I can have my hair cut :) badly needs done so it will give me some motivation.

Today I aim to eat:

B: Toast & scrambled egg & baked beans
L: baked potato & spicy pork mince
D: WW low cal ready meal with loads of veggies
S: making homemade cupcakes so will have 1 of those

Should be a good day! :)
Hi Chocolatecat, your food sounds lovely and well done for not eating crap after fighting with hubbie I know id have wanted to!!! Im planning the same as you - nice and healthy and enjoy the journey!!


One day at a time :)
Hi Shrinkingannie! Good to know someone's actually reading my garble :D

I only came to love healthy food after trying Cambridge Diet & vowing never to eat synthetic food replacement shakes like that again! I love vegetables & I love making fruit smoothies... it's real easy once you get going :)

Yesterday did not go as planned food wise... I ate:

homemade smoothie,
bite of hubby's pizza,
homemade chips & sweet potato fries & 5 x fish fingers
2 x homemade fairy cakes.

That was a terrible food day! I'm back on track today though,

B: slept through it!
L: sweet chilli chicken on a baked potato with salad
D: oven roasted yogurt & spice marinated chicken with roasted sweet potato, red pepper, carrot, onion & mushrooms
Snack: fairy cake (homemade of course!)

I am not going to the gym until tomorrow because I am suffering from major DOMS which should go away by tomorrow evening (hopefully!) but I am going to try out weight watchers this evening :) might not go back, just want to see what it's about & get all the paraphernalia that's needed to follow the ProPoints plan :)


One day at a time :)
Well, yesterday was not good... not awful but not good enough.

I had bran flakes for breakfast, a smoothie & extra banana for lunch, roast chicken dinner & then scoffed a whole tub of hagen daas :(

It could be worse, I could have eaten really badly the rest of the day then ate the tub of ice cream!

I did also walk to & from work, 40mins brisk walking so I did exercise a little.

Today the plan is:
B: Banana, orange & peanut butter smoothie
L: bran flakes
D: sweet chilli chicken on baked potato
S: baked sweet potato fries after the gym :)

Gym for 30mins cardio & 30mins strength training + 40mins brisk walking (to & from work)

All pretty sweet food so it should curb my carb/sugar cravings for the day! *crosses fingers desperately!*



One day at a time :)
B: Banana, orange & peanut butter smoothie - CHECK!
L: bran flakes - NOPE - HAD NOTHING
D: sweet chilli chicken on baked potato - CHECK!
S: baked sweet potato fries & curried chicken... CHECK! :)

I have walked briskly for 40mins today & I'm off to the gym in an hour for half an hour :)
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One day at a time :)
Alrighty then... good morning!

I have a nice day off today so I'm going to visit a friend who I haven't seen for a few weeks... looking forward to that :)

I stepped on the scales this morning to find myself weighing in at 16st exactly!! Almost back in the 15s!! Yay! :D I now have exactly 5st to lose... 1st at a time :)

I am so happy! That was just the encouragement I needed this morning :)

So... the plan today is:

B: Banana & peach smoothie
L: baked potato & baked beans
S: apple & natural peanut butter
D: homemade chicken curry with rice (no added fat at all!)
S: (after gym) toast x 1

I aim to do the full hour workout at the gym tonight :) I only managed half an hour last night because I was knackered, dunno why I was tired but I was so I did 10mins on the cross trainer, 5mins on the bike & 5mins on the arm bike & some reps of bicep curls.

Wish me luck for today! :D


One day at a time :)
I've also just realised that losing 4 1/2 stone will put me in the healthy bmi bracket :) (the extra half is just to put me in the middle of the healthy range)

4 1/2 stone & I'll finally be classed as having a normal body weight!!


One day at a time :)
Okies... today has been up & down... I have only had 2 coffees, scrambled egg with onion & cheese, & a baked potato & baked beans today. I also went to the gym tonight & did 25 mins cardiovascular & 15 mins on the weight machines... I should have eaten more :(


One day at a time :)
Right well today I have to eat more or else I'll keel over at the gym tonight!!

I plan to have:

B: coffee then homemade smoothie.
L: wrap with tuna & salad
S: apple with peanut butter (the natural stuff!)
D: Savoury brown rice mix made from brown rice, red pepper, sweetcorn, onion, lean bacon, fromage frais... yum!

I could make 7 portions of fruit & veg today if I pack 4 into my smoothie :)

I also lost another pound!! Landing me slap bang into the 15 stones!! So excited!! :D

The plan for today is to eat breakfast in a mo, have my lunch at 11am, leave for work at 11.30am, come home at 3.30pm & have a snack, do some housework & prepare dinner (to be eaten cold), have dinner at 5.30pm-6.30pm & go to the gym at 7pm :)


One day at a time :)
I am actually really hungry this afternoon...

I had my smoothie this morning & a wrap with a little tuna & salad in but I'm so hungry right now that I'm going to have toget off the computer in a mo & have a snack! Apple & peanut butter for me :)

I'll post the recipe for my brown rice salad dish that we're having tonight once we've actually eaten it! Yum!


One day at a time :)
Right well, the recipe for brown rice salad is this:

Ingredients: (measurements don't really matter just make sure your portion isn't too big!)
Brown basmati rice
Lean smoked bacon, diced
red, yellow & green pepper, finely diced
red onion, finely chopped
Plain yogurt (pref low fat)
Frylight or other oil spray

Cook the brown rice, drain & allow to cool.
In a pan, fry all other ingredients except for the yogurt until cooked. Add salt & pepper to taste. Allow to cool.
Mix the rice with the veg & bacon mix & stir in yogurt so it's just stodgy not runny!

Serve hot or cold... I prefer it cold :)

Off to the gym in half an hour & I am actually really hungry today for watever reason... I think I'll have a smoothie when I get home!


One day at a time :)
It's Friday yay!! I'm in from 8.30am - 6pm today :( cannot be bothered with it!

I have made myself a fruit smoothie to take to work to drink because I am way too tired to drink it right now. So food for today goes:

B: homemade smoothie
S: banana
L: chicken soup with 1-2 slices of wholegrain bread
S: Fruit salad
D: dunno yet!


One day at a time :)
I have had a pig of a day :cry: I made myself a really healthy smoothie & fruit salad to take to work for breakfast today & had soup & bread in work for my lunch... I put my smoothie in a flask & it curdled on the way to work :( I was so hungry by lunch that I had to go out to buy something (not ideal!)... & my feet really hurt from standing for nearly 9 hours straight!

Food today was:

B: fruit salad
S: mini bounty bar & 2 light laughing cow triangles
L: baked potato with spicy meatballs & sprinkle of cheese (small potato & not too much meatball mix), healthy fruit & nut cereal bar & can of diet coke.
D: slice of bread & butter & 2 x slices buttered toast & baked beans.

Gutted about the smoothie this morning... the yoghurt:sigh: must have reacted to the metal but I seriously didn't think about it I was so tired...

Oh well, better day tomorrow eh?


I would never have thought about smoothie curdling! But well done for still choosing healthy options even though you were starving and thinking on your feet, I know how hard it is (I would have used that as an excuse for fast food or chippy) x

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