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Chocolatecat's Shrinkage Diary!


One day at a time :)
Right! This is it - I am determined to shift the pounds this time!!

I have just been to ASDA and got 2 tins of SF Banana and some skimmed milk!

I will be starting properly in the morning and will keep you all updated in this here diary. Feel free to comment, encourage and offer some words of advice!

Here goes nothing!
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Good luck, the first few days are the hardest, but stick with it, drink plenty of water and once you get into the swing of things it does get easier! Will be here reading your progress, you go girl! x


One day at a time :)
Well, today was OK! Had a 2 hour drive to go look at a car so I had a banana shake for brekkie and headed out with my lunchbox with a muller light, an apple and my shake for lunch!

We ended up being longer than expected so we went to the 2for1 place for some lunch and I did well, I ordered Italian chicken breast with Jacket potato and salad and only ate 1/4 of the potato. I know it isn't 100% the plan but it was better than getting too hungry and ordering surf n turf!!

We got home and I have eaten a 400cal meal of fish pie and veggies and had 200cal worth of snacks.

All in all I have done better today than I expected myself to but tomorrow it will be 100% sf and 900cals food!

I'm feeling OK but I am bored and as a result feeling "hungry" so I will be going for a bath and chilling out with a book...
Well done, you got through the day well and didn't overdo it which is great x


One day at a time :)
Well, it's only 11am and I wish it was later - feeling hungry... I have had a banana shake and a snack of 14 x mini shredded wheat and 1 pint of water so far.

I'm going to have another glass of water, do the hoovering and then stick on the Claire Richard's 5 step Fat Attack DVD and see how far through it I can get!

I'll be back this afternoon to keep you posted :)


One day at a time :)
Well, as promised...

I managed to do 20mins aerobics and 5 mins of stretches. I was starving afterwards though so I had my "dinner" of 400cal ready meal+veg so I feel satisfied now :)

I have 300cals left and a snack so pretty good so far :) I might have some pasta with a little homemade tomato sauce later if I can manage to not eat any snacks until then! haha!

I'll also be going for a 30min walk with the dogs later and I guess that counts as exercise so that will be almost an hour today :D

Over & out!
Good going! What is that dvd like? Is it easy to follow? I have the davina super body one which is fab, but fancy getting another to mix it up a bit.


One day at a time :)
It's good, it's good fun with a fair amount of varied moves. It's also quite easy but not too easy if you know what I mean?

as long as you're prepared to watch it through once and not get all the moves right away it's a good one!
Cheers :D


One day at a time :)
Well, yesterday evening and this morning weren't so good food wise for me... hubby and I had a big argument over nothing and I got really upset so promptly ate! I know I shouldn't have and I am determined not to do it again! Although, I didnt go anywhere near 2000 cals yesterday so I should be fine!

This am I had breakfast instead of a shake because I was feeling quite dizzy and very hungry and then had my dinner for lunch so I will be having a shake only for dinner and will def be 100% tomorrow - who knows, maybe I just needed to get used to the lower carbs but I am still not eating anything like I was before!

I am going to do some aerobics and see how we get on with that!

Keep you posted laters x


One day at a time :)

Just to let you know i will be joining you need to do something asap.


Hiya, nice to meet you! :hug99: Get yourself a diary, it helps keep you honest with yourself about what you're actually eating!

Well, this morning I have done OKish

I had a chocolate shake for breakfast which was vile! I did not enjoy it at all! :yuk: And then I had half an apple and a half a handful of raisins.

I then set about eating 3 SLICES!! of the chocolate brownies I made last night for hubby, I'm so mad at myself! :17729:

I am fully able to redeem myself for the rest of the day though by not having anymore snacks and just 400 cals pasta bake for tea :(

I'm about to have my lunch of a banana shake and then finish my work! Have been on my feet all day ironing so that should have burned some calories at least!

Post laters xxx


One day at a time :)
ooh, btw, Dietagain, this is the 5th attempt at dieting for me! This time I'm seeing it as a complete uturn and not a diet! This is something I could go on doing for a long time to maintain :)

We have similar weights to lose so I hope we can progress at roughly the same pace xx
Well this is the start of my new day. I will keep you informed.
Love that you made mini goals for yourself.
Getting past that day 3 is always a struggle for me.
hope we can support each other.
Just put those two days behind you and start with a fresh 100% day tomorrow. Slimfast is quite a forgiving plan so as long as you get right back on you'll be ok. We all have bad days, so don't feel too rotten about it. Onwards and downwards!


One day at a time :)
Thanks, it really helps to know I'm not alone in my efforts to stop bingeing!

Yesterday I didn't touch the shakes but I did have a very good food day!

I forgot to have breakfast in the rush to get out of the house for church but had an egg and cress sandwich (didn't finish) and a venti chocolate cream (also didn't finish!) and a bite of a blueberry cheescake in Starbucks at lunch time all accounting to around 850 cals then I didn't eat again until supper when I made prawn and pea risotto which added up to about 350 cals for my portion!

I was well chuffed! I might only replace either breakfast OR lunch for a shake for a while and see how we go and then start replacing both meals with a shake. It's too much for me not being able to have brekkie or lunch!

I'll update later to see how I get on!!
Yes I used to sometime replace my lunch shake with food. If you think the shakes are around 220 cals there is alot you can have for that. WW soups are great, the tomato one is 74cals and chicken 95, so then you can have some ryvita/crackers/bread with it too and still not go over 220! Or I would have some crispbakes or similar with either laughing cow extra low fat cheese spread (only 20cals per triangle) or some chicken or ham slices (12cals a slice). Makes a nice lunch :)


One day at a time :)
Hi guys!!

Sorry I've not updated for a while! I've been doing well though!!

I haven't always had the shakes but I have been replacing them with 200cal meals instead...

I gained 3lbs just as I started the diet because I had 1 or 2 bad days I think but I am now back to 15st8! :scale: Which means I should start properly losing in the next week woo!

I haven't eaten yet but I'm just about to have 100cals melon & grapes and another 100cal food, maybe some crackers :)

I've been keeping myself busy with housework and planning Christmas!

have a good day and keep up the good work!! x

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