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choose to lose


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hi everyone,
i pinched the following post from another site. its just such an inspirational post i wanted everyone to read it.......

I had a real wake up call today. I work with children who have severe disabilities either learning, physical or both.

Several of the children are tube fed via Nasogastric the nose, gastronomy straight into the stomach or jujrostomy straight into into the intestine. Up until to today all the children have had both physical and learning difficulties their physical disabilities mainly being quadriplegic cerebral palsy or severe epilepsy where they at times spend a long time in what is called conscious status where they are consciouses but fitting or that they fit so often they don't get chance to get enough nutrition into them.

Today though i met a young man who although he had very severe CP he didn't have any learning difficulties but he has a very poor swallow reflex effecting his ability to swallow or talk but he communicated via a computer.

I had given him his feed and was sitting down to have my chocolate shake when he asked me what i was shaking. I told him that i was on a meal replacement diet to loose weight and he said "pretty much like me then". We then got into a discussion about how LT works going into ketosis, not feeling hungry, still craving food etc.

He suddenly said the thing i don't miss is having food in my mouth and feeling as though im going to suffocate but i do miss the taste of food and the smell of food drives me crazy at times. Hes on a high calorie feed as although he cant walk etc he has a lot of spasm which burns a lot of calories. he said there was nothing worse than being hungry and not having a feed with him for a top up. He then said at least when you have reached the weight you want to be you can come off it I have no choice if i eat normal food i could die.

We then got into an even deeper discussion about if how i didn't watch what i was eating in the future i could have a much shorter lifespan due to the effects of obesity etc. His response was my wake up call of "but you have a choice to be on TFR and change your life i don't"

What more of an incentive could i need.


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Wow, that really made me think :wow:


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Cheryl what a fantastic post. It really does sum it up - most of us do have a choice. I will try and use this as a reminder to myself whenever I am wavering. Thank you for posting this.


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ty for the replies.
i hope it can give some strength to us all when we stumble.
we are so lucky to be able to ' choose ' whether we eat or not and even those of us that have a lot to lose can live with the knowledge that within a year or so we CAN and WILL be eating conventional foods again (albeit not as much).
ive felt so hard done by lately, like i dont deserve this, but the fact is im lucky, very very lucky... we all are!


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just bumping this incase anyone is needing a little motivation. :)

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