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Choosing a goal weight

Morning all just a thought that has been going through my head of late as i get within touching distance of the goal weight i set myself. the question is why did i choose that weight and how did you choose yours ? a number ona bit of paper when our 6 1/2 stone away seems impossible to achive so you accept the target when you get close its more a case of do i need to stop or carry on ?
Lots of people have started telling me i dont need to lose anymore weight but they dont get to see the bits under the clothes lol hs anyone reched there goal tried to maintain for a few months to allow for there body and more importanly mind to catch up then decide or do you just keep going till you cant lose more ?
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I have never reached my goal! I got to within 2 stone of it though al stayed there for a while. I have to say my body really changed shape though while I stuck there. My neck went quite saggy but that sorted itself. I think it's good to have a rest so long as like me the rest doesn't turn into a 6 month binge. Sometimes all we can see is a weight and we are some what blinded to the way we look. You are right that mind and body need time to adjust. Well done on your loss by the way you have done sooo well

I never got to goal weight either, Like you people started telling me I didn't need to lose any more so I stopped at 13 1/2 stone. If I get much under that Colleen starts complaining and saying I look scrawny and wizened mate. I wanted to get to 12 1/2, which was my weight for most of my Army career, but I suppose as I'm older now and have less muscle (a lot less muscle) She is probably right.
but your remote exercising must build muscle Jim :D
I chose my weight based on Dukan - if you go on his site you can work out your ideal weight based on a number of factors (including build which BMI doesnt take into account).
Im unsure as to whether ill stop at 10st 4 or go to 10 though.
I was 9 st 8 a couple of years ago and i was pretty bony (but you go the gym and they do their assessment and they say thats what i should be - which annoys me cos i have FANT (fat ar*e no tits) and thats just the way I am. I end up with ribs sticking out and hip bones but still have chunky legs and bum.
I think the BMIs for men are particularly deranged. My bf is 6 ft 1 and classed as overweight but he has not an ounce of fat on him. just muscle.
One of my large friends says oh you look fab now - stop dieting or you look ill. (no one else says this) BUT until im happy at 10st 4 i wont. TBH i think she sometimes jealous as she tries and tries to diet but has NO willpower.
sorry ive ranted and raved ;)
Do you have a certain piece of clothing you would like to get into? Myabe thats when to stop?


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I picked the middle of what is supposed to be my weight range according to BMI and height - but it's so far away I'm just thinking stone by stone at this stage :)



Clean green leafy machine
When I tried to lose weight before (and there have been many attempts lol) I would think"I'm going to be 10 stone" and fell over at the first hurdle! So its baby steps this time :)
have you got little treats for yourself each goal you get to? i dont mean food ;)


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That's a good idea - a nice incentive :)

Maybe a bottle of perfume, and if I do really well, a short break to Paris?


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I got down to 5lbs below my goal weight 6 years ago but seeing pictures from that time made me think I was a bit scrawny despite being at the high end of the 'healthy' range for my height.
The BMI scale is ridiculous. My OH is a short body builder and it declares him as obese. We're currently competing for him to get heavier (muscle not fat) and me to be lighter than him :)
those prof ones are gorgeous x p.s you have wine in your hand on most photos ;) (thats my girl!)


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new outfit, new hairdo? shoes? handbag? things like that!
I'm a one handbag kinda woman (mind you, it is Prada daaahling) and I don't want to buy new clothes until I come closer to goal. But there's always eBay lol.

BMI dont really apply to me as only way i could get to healthy range is to be anorexic ! i think what i will do is just up the carbs till i stop losing weight once i hit 15 stone adn if i got a few pounds under i will call that wiggle room for treats x as for my big treat for my loss going to vietnam for 3 weeks in april but going to blow a few hundred pounds on a new wardbrobe very soon thanks for all the thoughts guys

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