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CHRISR's Food Diary - Please help x

The start of my food diary another strategy to help me lose weight. Im trying everything else well i think i am. I need your expert advice and help please - it would be most appreciated if im cocking this EE up. i think ive R & G stamped into my brain cant see how EE works. Well it hasnt for me up to now lol.

Today is not going to be a particularly good day as I havent been shopping yet.

Meals today are not planned but the rest of the week will be.

Ive also got an abscess under my wisdom tooth which has been very painful. Its back to the dentist this aft. Aggggggggh

So i shall update my 1st food diary later......
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
Looking forward to reading it Hun, perhaps we can make some suggestions to help you advance a little more with your losses. Good luck with the Dentist..Ive had 3 of my wisdom teeth taken out and can sympathise with you about the pain!

Hi Chris,
I know you haven't posted any foods yet but just one word of advice with EE, are you having a third superfree with all your meals?
I only say because although SW say you don't have to, if I don't have it then I don't lose with EE! It's great when I'm maintaining but I need to lose at the moment so am really concentrating on having at least a third superfree with all EE meals.
HTH and I'll read later.
Jay xx
Hi Yes Ive been eating loads of super free stuff (yellow pages in SW book) as well. I make sure I eat veg with every meal e.g. brocolli, cauli, salad etc ive eaten strawberries, raspberries, yellow plums last week too. The only things i havent done is
1) measured skimmed milk
2) Not enough exercise
3) Not drunk enough water.

So ......... thats what im going to do this week if i can - I havent been well either this week (abscess under wisdom tooth) perhaps ive not eaten enough oh i dont know!!!

Anyway here goes:
Friday 14/08/09

Raspberries, Banana & VLF Nat Yoghurt

Lunch (0 syns)
Batchelors savoury rice (thai sweet chilli)
Cauli, Green Beans, Peas & Brocolli
Roast Salmon

Pork Meatballs in Tom sauce made with onions, courgettes, peppers etc , Spaghetti, Salad and of course Green Beans

1 sm slice of Chocolate Cake (Off SW website) 3 syns
Strawberries VLF Nat Yoghurt

What do you guys think?
Im determined to do this x
Saturday 15/08
Cereal & Milk (Hex)

Lunch (0 syns)
SW Tuna Quiche (Eggs, Cottage Cheese, Herbs, Tuna, Onions & Pasta n Sauce)
Cauli, Peas & Brocolli

SW Keema Curry & Rice
Onions, Mushrooms, Peas
VLF Yoghurt with Cucumber
Strawberries & Melon

2 Medjool Dates (4 syns)
2 Biscuits (6 syns)
My french visitors arrived and have now gone. Enjoyed every minute with my beautiful daughter, her fiance & friend. The 2 boys loved my cooking especially my SW roast dinner. LOL
I didnt do the plan really by that i mean i didnt eat loads of free food etc. i had no puddings or alcohol (taking anti biotics did me a favour although im not fussed in having a drink) I did lose a 1lb this week. So the weeks i stick to it 110% i lose nothing - wierd.
Anyway its shopping later - then from tomorrow its SW grub all the way. x
Not had time to do diary. Ive been spending ages completing a job advert. Hate doing this sort of stuff not very confident when trying to sell myself. I love my job and really dont want to change but unfortunately need full time pay due to current circumstances. I will restart my diary from the start of my SW week which is Thursday. I am ok on plan so should be ok for WI.
WELL What can i say EE is fab i have lost 2lb this week. Im goin to start my diary properly tomorrow. Much better feeling having a minus than a plus. And i was SOW not a lot of ppl stayed but never the less i have the cert on my fridge. Another 2lb to take me to the next milestone which 1st 7lb. YIPPEE
This forum is FAB xXx
Update - total loss 19lbs continuing with FAB EE - think I've now got my head around it, no longer thinking in RED & GREEN so here goes hopefully Im going to try and do my food diary every night when i get back from work and the T is cooking.


Layers of Raspberries & Mango, 2 Scan Brans & ML Yog (1 syn)


Pasta, SW Tuna in Mayo, red pepper, cucumber, grated courgette, red onion (1 syn tuna)

Tea (Dinner)

Hotpot (Xtra lean Mince Steak, Onion, BNS, Greenbeans, Mushrooms, New Potato, Stock)

Hex A - Sk Milk
Hex B - Toast and jam 1 syn

No fruit left - ate it all :(
you're doing so well chris :D your menus sound lovely too! :D xx
Tuesday 8/9 :)


Layers of scan bran, fruit and mueller lite vanilla yog

SW quiche made with pasta and sauce, cauliflower, courgette, onion etc


Stirfry veg, noodles & baked fish

Hex a - skimmed Milk
Hex b - ?

Said NO to CADBURYS CHOC today at work - how good is that!!!!!!! :0

syns not sure yet

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