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Christies calorie countin diary..

Startin diary again from today.. need get my ass in gear!! So here goes!!

Breakfast – 60g cheerios with semi skimmed milk – 340 cals
Lunch – tiger roll with ham & Philadelphia light with chives, mushroom cup a soup & a plum – 426 cals
Snack – onion ring crisps – 83 cals
Dinner – kebab :( :(

Total – ???? :(
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Ooooo your food looks soooooooo yummy! :p

Keep it up, you're doing brilliantly!! :) Have you got much to lose??

Hope it's going well for you! :) x
hi everyone well ideally id like to lose about 2 stone, no in any specific time but thats roughly what id like2 lose :) i have a confession, i am not well at the min as i got my flu jab n pneumonia jab yesterday and i felt rotten after it :( so for my dinner i ate a kebab :( i really shudnt have but i needed comfort food! but thats it out of my system and i am having last nights tea 2nte.. wil post my food diary now.. sum1 please kick me up bum for doin that last nte!xxx
Breakfast – raspeberry and cranberry porridge with semi skimmed milk – 222 cals

Lunch – cuisine de france demi baguette with egg mayo n peppers & batchelors potato n leek cup a soup – 513 cals

Snack – plum 30 cals

Dinner - chicken stirfry with onion mushrooms beansprouts water chestnuts bamboo shoots peppers etc with rice noodles and black bean stirfry sauce – 430 cals

Snack – 1 slice oatlicious with tsp low fat spread & 2 slice bacon – 260 cals

Total – 1455/1480

any comments would be appreciated :)
Well good on you for confessing to it :p it takes a lot to say what you've really eaten! So well done :) Now... *kick up the bum*

And it's great that you're back on it today... your food? YUM! Hope you have a good day :)

thank u :)thought it wud be better to confess hehe so offical weigh in will be next wed now lol must make a ticker at lunch.. feelin hopeful for 2day as iv planned what i am goin to eat and my lovely wee mummy will make my dinner for me cumin home :) iv decided not to count veg in my calories unless it potato sweetcorn or anythin like that xxx

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