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christies healthy eating food diary..


breakfast - pancake & banana with low low spread

lunch - 4 ryvita with 2 laughing cow triangles, ham & tomato, mushroom cup a soup & fat free activia yoghurt

dinner - hot and spicy chicken breast inside white roll with lettuce, small amount of cheese, peppers & onion with tbsp mayo

1 litre of water/45min walk


breakfast - 2 weetabix with semi skimmed milk & banana

snack - harvest chewee bar

lunch - toasted sandwich with cheese peppers & onion, peach fat free activia yoghurt

dinner - (out wit mum at a show 2nte, 2 course dinner beforehand:)) i opted for:

chicken liver pate terrine with melba toast & recurrant jelly

crispy chilli chicken goujons in sesame batter with chilli & sour cream served with potato skins

been a while since iv been for dinner so lookin forward to it :)
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breakfast - omelette with bacon onion & mixed peppers

lunch - small tiger roll with egg mayo & bacon

dinner - homemade lasagne with lettuce,red onion,peppers,jalepenos,tbsp reduced fat colelsaw,tbsp reduced fat potato & salad
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breakfast - toasted soda with one slice of bacon

snack - milky way stars & tayto cheese & onion

lunch/dinner - garlic chip and cheese burger :(

(wasnt a great day yesterday as was at a band parade all day and there were only chippy vans about! but i always have treat at weekend so this was it lol)

Breakfast - 2 thin grilled sausages, 2 slices 50/50 bread, 2 pancake & an egg

snack - half a small pizza baguette & slice of garlic bread

(again wasnt great although that was all i had all day, so wasnt binging or pickin :))

breakfast - peanut tracker bar & banana

lunch - small multigrain baguette with egg mayo & bacon, strawberry mullerlight yoghurt

dinner - tesco simply cook range, chicken breast with cheese & wrapped in bacon with potatoes cut into chips & roasted in oven with peppers onion & fresh chillies, tbsp mayo

snack - 2 rich tea
hiya hun, hope u dont mind me looking at your diary! how do u do your pancakes? im intruiged:) im currently floating from calorie counting to healthy eating to slimming world lol -not really sure what im doing tbh. how much weight have u managed to lose hun? xxxx
hiya hun, hope u dont mind me looking at your diary! how do u do your pancakes? im intruiged:) im currently floating from calorie counting to healthy eating to slimming world lol -not really sure what im doing tbh. how much weight have u managed to lose hun? xxxx
Hi there sorry only getting back to u, to be honest i have been sooooo bad lately, only getting back to healthy eating today so this is my first day!how r u getting on? I just by the packs of pancakes and just have one or two, im not denyin myself anythin jus tryin not to go mad! As i find if i think to much about dieting i end up bein even worse!im like u i float from diet to diet but dont stick to them for very long so iv decided healthy eatin is the route for me! xx

(will update diary in a second, todays a fresh start :D)
ooh coolio :) yeah its good to have some of what you enjoy otherwise u end up bingeing! looking forward 2 following ur diary xx
yeah u definately do, will update diary soon :D
cool :) feel free to look at my diary- although ive only just started it so theres not much too it! xxx
Yep i will indeed :D
Well went a little haywire for a while but starting from today im gonna do as best as i can but with more freedom at the weekend :D here goes :D


Breakfast – 30g cheerios with semi skimmed milk

Snack – 2 ww ginger biscuits

Lunch - ham, chicken, lettuce, peppers, onion, fresh chillies, coleslaw & Moroccan cous cous with butternut squash & a petit fulous yoghurt

Dinner – steak on ciabatta bread with pepper sauce and salad (lettuce, peppers, onion, fresh chillies, small amount of coleslaw)

Snack - club orange biscuit

Exercise – 30min walk to work
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mmm food is looking good :) we seem to have the same approach with our food- more leeway at weekends and no more counting! lol xxx
thank u:Ddef need more freedom at the weekend!lol

aw im soooo fed up countin things had enuf! lol xx

Breakfast – 2 slices kingsmill Danish (400g loaf) with scraping of low low and a banana

Snack – harvest chewee cereal bar

Lunch – 5 pagen crisprolls with primula cheese spread & ham, chicken cup a soup, petit fulous yoghurt & fresh pineapple

Dinner – (off to my best friends for dinner so not sure what we are having but she is usually quite healthy :D)
ooh yum i need to get me some tracker bars or something! xxx
If anyone evers sees me floating back to “dieting” again you have permission to slap me! I dont know why i do this as i no in my heart of hearts that iv had enuf! Time to accept myself the way i am! Healthy eating and exercise and if i lose weight along the way then great! I am not obsessing anymore! Rant over :D


Breakfast – activia pouring yoghurt blended with orange, grapes and banana

Snack – a pear

Lunch – 2 small part baked petit pains with egg mayo sandwich filler, melon & ww tomato & basil puffs

snack - rolo yoghurt (needed choc fix :) )

Dinner – sausages & homemade champ (took a real notion for this yummm :D) with broccoli, sweetcorn & carrots with some bisto gravy

Exercise – walk to work – 30mins
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nicely said! looks yum :) xxx
thank u :) needed to be said :D

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