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  1. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    Ok, right now my size 18 trousers/jeans (all except one of them) are hanging off me so I'm almost ready to drop down to a size 16.

    When I started I was a size 20/24 (depending on where I bought trousers from and how tight they were). This week it looks like I'm going to have a good weight loss (I weigh myself at home every day) so I'm expecting to lose approx 7lbs.

    Here's the question ... do you think I'll be size 14 by Christmas if I carry on losing weight as i have so far or is it more likely I'll be a small 16?

    Any ideas or is it impossible to say?
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  3. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    hmmm, I feel ignored .... do I have to be feeling down/wobbly to have someone talk to me.

    Fair enough if the topic just doesn't interest anyone .... I'll creep away quietly now.
  4. Conn76

    Conn76 Full Member

    Hi there,

    Don't feel ignored! It's so hard to say with clothes sizes as it's all about shape and cut. At the moment I can wear a size 12 from New Look, a 14 from Gap and a 16 from M&S!

    I did however buy the jeans I really wanted - Gap ones even though they don't fit yet. I'm hoping to wear them in a few weeks time. It also gives me something to do when the desire to eat calls - I just try on all the clothes that don't fit yet!

  5. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    Thanks Conn76. It is ridiculous that sizes vary so much...

    Maybe to get the psychological bonus, I'll shop in New Look for Christmas (but won't call myself whatever size that is until I fit the same in Gap and M&S). I'm surprised that M&Ss sizes are smaller than New Look and Gap. Interesting. I should start trying some clothes on from other shops and see how things are progressing. I'm putting off going into places that only go up to size 16 as I don't want to get that pitying look a larger person often gets from sales assistants in those stores.
  6. leesy

    leesy Full Member

    That is so achievable - and a great goal to have in time for christmas... how about buying a really special outfit for xmas in the size you want to be - give you something to focus on. Mind you - make sure you keep the receipt in case you surpass your expectations!

  7. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    you're right Leesy - I could buy it and make sure I can return it if it isn't the right size.
  8. leesy

    leesy Full Member

    Definitely... it really helps to focus if you have something to visualise too.

    I was in Next earlier and they have some lovely christmas gear - and their sizes are really not generous so I tend to use them as a size benchmark as such

  9. iceycold

    iceycold Full Member

    Lighter Life
    Buy the 14's it will give you a defined aim.
    You'll fit into them soon, my sizes are all over the place depending on where I'm shopping and whether it's for tops or bottoms. I think I'm giving up on shopping until management, except for necessities, like actually having something to wear for work.
  10. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    thanks iceycold. Thing is, we talk about goals for christmas, etc, etc. but it is mostly in the hands of our body's mechanics isn't it. Apart from toning.

    I've been feeling guilty for the past two weeks because I haven't been using my exercise bike or doing yoga and thought it might be affecting my weight loss. But this week (i've only used the bike once and not done the yoga - - oh the guilt but it is just too cold to motivate myself - excuses) It looks like i'm going to have a good loss anyway. So it is random.

    however, I guess it might make me focus on doing some toning work. Which would help me fit the size 14 :)eek:) and would help me look a little more fit in my summer clothes (as I'll be in NZ:D)
  11. iceycold

    iceycold Full Member

    Lighter Life
    NZ for Christmas wow!, I have a friend in Christchurch, but I have never been. Her Christmas card is always the first to land on my mat.
    You are right the weightloss is pretty random. I haven't exercised at all, so I can't blame that. I have done the same thing for the last 3 weeks, which is the same as I have always done, 1st week, the worst weight loss I have ever had, second week marginally better, this week, it's all caught up to my normal average.
    Aim for the 14, I'm sure you'll fit everyones size 14 by then.
  12. New-Me

    New-Me can do it this time!

    hi dancing

    just back to LL after not going to management classes at all and piling on weight. Your weight losses are fantastic and I agree with everyone else about sizes being different in different shops, but I def think you will hit that 14 for Christmas - what a fab result.

    keep it up - look forward to reading your progress. you've inspired me to think of Christmas as a first target.

  13. scotwannabethin

    scotwannabethin Back to the grindstone!!

    Start Weight:
    Current Weight:
    Goal Weight:
    W8 as need to lose so I can TTC!!!
    Gosh, ages in LL terms until Crimbo so go for it. I too find it rather annoying that different shops have different sizes for what is technically the same item! I am sitting here in a pair of Per Una jeans in a size 12 but nothing else I have tried is a 12 believe you me!!! One off but I can say that I am in a size 12 and that is a biggie for me!!!
    I have bought a size 12 top for crimbo and it doesn't fit me now but I am sure that by the time the party comes around that it will fit if not be a bit loose and that I am not going to complain about. (and yes, I kept the receipt!!! lol)
    Go for it!!!!!
  14. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    Thanks New-Me and scotwannabethin, it is good to have more people say they think it is achievable. It is as though I won't let myself believe it because I don't want to be disappointed. But most people seem to think it is very achievable for me to be a size 14 by Christmas ... just can't believe it. And, yes New-Me, it really helps to have some medium-sized targets to aim for and Christmas is a good one - so what are you aiming to achieve by then?
  15. New-Me

    New-Me can do it this time!

    hi dancing
    I'd like to lose a stone & a half by Christmas if I can, but mainly just get into clothes that I have - as I have a wide range of sizes in my wardrobe but am not happy to be in the largest ones now. I've only got a few large clothes to choose from as I took a lot to the charity shops before, with the intention of not going back to this weight, but here I am again! Def decided that am not buying any bigger clothes though, so realistic target is to get into more clothes I own whenever I can.

    good luck to you too!
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