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Christmas Binge


Gonna do it this time

I weighed myself and OMG:eek: in just under two weeks I've put on almost 9 lbs.

I knew I had been bad but hoped it wouldn't be that bad. I've now gone just back into the 16s which I hoped I wouldn't ever see again. I'm back on track today. All my mothers sweeties are in the bin (sorry kids) and the Christmas cake has been sent off with my hubby to his workshop for him and his joiners so hopefully that together with the fact I've already eaten all the pringles :eek: will mean that next week I should see a loss again.

I know what I've done is wrong but I had decided to stop over Christmas and start again today so all I've done is lose a couple of weeks.

I really hope that I can get the momentum going again though.

Hope you all had a nice Christmas.

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Well good on you for starting again and getting rid of those bad horrbile things.... most people would not throw them out and just say, when these are gone... etc...
i love your determination....

whats done is done, adn we can all say we prob have not been as good as we should have been over the festive season, but now is the time to start again... not tomorrow or next week or the start of Jan...

Good on you and good luck!
Well done for getting back on track. You know what your weakness was and dealt with it. Sounds as though you have willpower and will be able to shed those 9lbs pretty quickly.
Don't let it get you down, christmas only happens once a year.
Good luck xx
aw dont feel too bad hun, i put on 2lbs over xmas and im not happy about it, but il soon shift it, i know how too cos i ate a bit of junk over xmas but im also bak on track now i want to make my target for december, i only got a couple of days left i know lol

dont give up and well done for throwing the yukies out


gunna be a fatty for ever
ive been baaaad too hun! its ok! dont worry! i think you'll have a good loss on ya first weigh in! soooo much salt in them pringles! not good for water retention lol...thats wat i am tellin my self anyways

take care hun an good on ya for takin control again



Gonna do it this time
Hi again
Just been to the docs for my third weigh in and I wish I hadn't told her I had put on 10 lbs because according to her scales I've lost a couple. She said not to worry its Christmas and has said we all gain over Christmas (I knew I made the right choice changing to her).

I decided to join Rosemary Conley online, does anyone else follow this diet and am on the wagon again so hopefully on 27th Jan when I go back to see her I'll have lost again.

My BP though was 180/100 and I'm on blood pressure medication so I've had to double my dose to see how I get on. I'm suspecting its the salt in the Pringles and other processed rubbish I've been eating. Thank goodness Christmas only comes around every 12 months.



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ahhhh not good about the blood pressure!! Take it easy!!

Katie (kae) does RC but im not sure about the online part?

Hope its going ok!!


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dont worry yaself we all do put on over xmas and its weight that will shift quickly i promise.....just try stay on track from now and you will be fineeeeee......i lost a lb over xmas which has now turned into 3 lbs since xmas ... so slowly its coming off i jst wish was soooner.. x


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i have been beating myslef up for a whole week cos i think i put 5lbs on, i am gutted and don't know what to do about it, i can't get my head back on track!!!!!!!!!


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I was told just put Christmas behind you and concentrate on the now. You will easily loose what you gained over Christmas! xx


Gonna do it this time

Don't beat yourselves up. I took a few days to actually get going again properly but have lost 7 lbs this week which I'm really happy about. As Laura said it will come off easily once you get going, put it behind you and move on. At least we enjoyed our Christmas thats the main thing.