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Christmas Day - Cold Turkey


I can't not have my Christmas dinner! So, I will be working my butt off until then and have a bit of a break, trying not to go too wild!! I'd love to think that I could go through it on CD, but I just know that's not realistic - although that lady who lost 24 stone, I think she did it right through, no breaks at all! Amazing! x


We will be seeing christmas decs in the shop in no time!! I found out about 3 weeks ago when my hubby's work christmas party was as they'd booked it already!
dont think i could go cold turkey for xmas, we usually have a big familly dinner. It depends how close i get to or if i get near my goal will have to wait and see nearer the time.

I was in a shop last week and they were selling xmas decorations and please dont kill me for writing this but i bought some sooooo cheap i have them up in the attic. im starting to buy pressies aswell now one a week. as xmas is a very expensive time, have my wee girls bday the 21st aswell so its madness as you can imagine!!!


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i dont even start thinking about xmas until the last 2 weeks b4 it!!! it all starts far too early....althou being a boring card maker it could take me 6 months to get my christmas cards done!!!!
You'll be at goal by then!

Jhooker, one of my little stars SSed on xmas days (as have a lot of people) but he's lost a grand total of 9st. He makes me sick, goes to the gym every day!

Lovely lad though if anyone is looking for a new boyf! xxxx
I think it really shows some determination to SS on Christmas day!! I think by christmas I'll still have 6-7 stone to lose, so I think it'll be nice to have a break a christmas and then get determined for the new year :)


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I have to have xmas dinner we go to a hotel in town and its £59 quid a head already paid for got to go ha ha ha
Personally I would have christmas day off the diet.

I see it about weighing up the impacts, eating christmas dinner would mean having to extend my time on CD by, hmmm, maybe a week. Well, up to a week. I don't find CD that bad in general, so I would be prepared to extend it if it meant having a completely lovely christmas with a great christmas dinner.

Having said that, I would probably avoid pudding!!

Dee x


This is the last time!!
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We're going to be in Florida (Disneyworld to be precise) for Christmas, and I sure will be eating by then.
I too am a compulsive planner, and start buying early for a few reasons. Mainly to spread the cost, but also because we live in Germany it can take a while for orders to arrive, mail being as it is!
I usually go 'home' to UK in the October half term week and have a massive shopping spree as ds's birthday is mid Nov too.
Never too early to think about Christmas ;)


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I started my Christmas shopping last month.

Im planning on working really hard so im at goal for Christmas BUT I've worked it out that I wont be there until a couple of days before. Along as im on one of the higher plans I will be ok.
Im hoping to be v near or at goal by christmas , if im not at goal then i will still have a couple of days off over christmas and then start again and get to goal early next year. woohooo.xx


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It was funny to read this thread, as I was talking about this last night with my folks. I really think if I can i am going to try to stick to my CD even at christmas. I have come so far just to get this stage, and if I get to christmas with this determination then I wont want to spoil it. By next Christmas I should be in maintenance and I can enjoy christmas then. But 1 christmas dinner missed is a small price to pay to get the body ive always dreamed about!

We always have a huge family christmas as long as im sitting at the table with my family and children with my christmas craker hat on, thats good enough for me...


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