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Christmas Day

If all goes to plan, I shall be on my second refeed week on Christmas day. I would like your opinions on what I have decided to have to eat that day. I will do this for Christmas day only and return to refeed on the 26th.

Christmas Dinner

Quorn Family Roast
Steamed cabbage, brussels sprouts, beans, swede, new potatoes in skins, parsnips etc

Fresh Fruit Salad with low fat fromage frais

And for snacks during the day I am going to have: Dried fruit: figs, dates, apricots; unsalted nuts: brazils, peanuts in shells, walnuts etc.

And finally a couple Matzo crackers (99% fat free and no salt) with Quark 99% fat free cream cheese on.

I want to enjoy Christmas but not do too much damage as I want to return to refeeding on the 26th. What do you think of this? Do you think it will do much damage?
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Hun you have done fantastic with your weight loss......but make sure you actually enjoy crimbo... If your like me every day you think of food and lipotrim.....well at crimbo im not thinking about what goes in my mouth.....im not going to eat to the sake of it but I shall definetly be enjoying it.
It's for my whole family because dad is on a diet and my daughter eats anything. My husband will eat pasta because that's all he eats! I don't want to fall into the trap of chocolate, savories and getting the tase for them again. I also don't want to make myself sick because I want to move back to refead on the 26th. However, once I move onto my planned 1500 calorie diet after 6 weeks refeed, I intend to buy some more of that quark cream cheese because I will be allowed to have it in a sandwich at lunch if I want with lettuce!
I wasn't veggie before this diet and I will eat meat but I know that eating a majority of fruit and veg in my diet is good for me and part of my total revamp of my lifestyle.
charlotte fab weight loss!! congrats

is that menu just for you or for family also?
well done charlotte your family must be very supportive of your weight loss .

this christmas my mrs. is probably going to russle up something along the lines of veggie kievs. shes not very adventurous with the low fat stuff but what she does do tastes great. i'll have that and she, my sister and her husband and my mother and father will probably have the traditional roast. it'll be hard to resist stealing bits from the dog! :D


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Sounds delicious...my sis is a veggie and she wants to come to your house for chrimbo!!!
what a good idea to get it all planned out early so you can look forward to it.

I've told all my family I'm still on shakes and soup so will try and stick to that. (easy to say that now when I'm still new on the diet!)


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I really admire your resolve...if you do decide not the indulge well done...you will be in your Size 10s for Christmas 2008!!! Just keep focussed on your goal...you can do it!!!
Size 10s are just a dream with my stomach but yes I have it all planned out. I just hope my weight loss goes to plan or I will be spending Christmas with a shake.


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Oh you are doing great....only 7llbs to go - you will be well over that by Chrimbo!
I hope my body conforms and I meet my target so I can start refeed a week before Christmas.


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Think postive and it will happen!!

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