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Christmas Decorations


I will succeed!!!
Last year we were rubbish - put it up about the 23rd!!! So this year we're going to be more organised.

I think I'll put ours up next weekend - we're finishing off the upstairs DIY this weekend so it's a right off.

Last year we got Noodle and Gadget on the 12th December and they were small - but still caused mayhem with the tree...they're big boys now and still as playful as kittens so dreading what they do! LOL!

We put up a tree - it's pretty but not much lol. The decorations are shades of green and bronze. It's pretty simple - beads instead of tinsel and a bunch of baubles in various colours/finishes and sizes. Don't really put much else out - the tree was fine in the flat but it looks teeny in the house, so might buy a second tree for the entrance hallway for next year too. But I always dress the dining table really prettily, especially if we have people over.

We're having potentially 17 over for dinner - I am starting to worry about it now lol!

I love Christmas/Yuletide :D xxx
ours usually up on 1st, BUT as were super busy bodies now, with our social lives so busy and our schedules busy to fit together ;) they went up last weekend in november, everyone came over and we had a decorations party. makes the house so much more homey and inviting. x
If I had my way they'd go up on Xmas Eve and down on New years day! But since having DD they get earlier and earlier. Mid Dec is ideal but they are going up this weekend as we have guests all weekend and I want the house to look festive.
I only do a tree and the fireplace and put lights on the tree outside, I don't go mad!


Call me Nicky xx
We normally do ours on the 1st but actually put our tree up last sunday. We havent finished yet but my DH likes a grotto so we have lots of bits.

cant wait till christmas!!
I put mine up pretty late (just before, or on,Christmas Eve) because I don't feel Christmassy enough until then. I tend to leave them up until the last moment though, because I love the tree and the fairy lights.
We put ours up as soon as I nag my husband enough to go up into the attic to get them down!
The nagging hasn't worked as yet this year so might have to resort to threats - specifically that I'll go to town and spend a fortune on new ones if he doesn't move himself sharpish !!!!!!

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