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CHRISTMAS DINNER need help deciding

well i have been doing ss for 6 weeks and ss+ for last weeek back on to ss for a while but i have a christmas dinner coming up on dec 11 this is the set menu please help me decide what i can eat (not alot looking at it:cry:)
roast parsnip soup
game terrine fig chuckney
caramalised onion &goats cheese tart
oak smoked salmon chopped eggs&capers

roast turkey with all trimmings
(sausage meat stuffing creamed sprouts roast potatoes &bread sauce
slow braised beef &ale casserole and buttery mash potatoes
grilled fillet of sea bass with leak & potato rosti sauce vierge
roasted pumpkin &butternut squash braised gem lettuces and wild mushrooms

christmas pudding &whipped brandy sauce
valrhona chocolate mousse creme fraiche
sticky toffee pudding hazelnut toffee sauce
yorkshire blue cheese wheat biscuits

then coffee and mints
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forgot to add EVERYONE from my work will be going
Whatever you fancy and enjoy the night! You can always dance or roller skate it off like I did at my sisters wedding.....Every now and then it doesn't really matter to fall off the wagon. (I'm sure all the councellors are screaming at me) but you only have one life, your doing something to improve it and Christmas dinners are yummy.
If it was me I'd go for:
caramalised onion &goats cheese tart followed by grilled fillet of sea bass with leak & potato rosti sauce vierge.

i wouldn't have pudding though......that's how commited I am....
knew i could rely on you to be sensible told you befor skating is a no no for me lol
getting all worked up about it already!!!! think i might just not go but i'll miss out on all the fun boo hoo what shall i do
go as low carb as you can.

I would have the fish for starters, followed by the beef (try and not eat the mash) then have the stilton and a cracker for dessert. It's not what I would fancy but if I needed to stay in ketosis that's what I would do. It's quite easy to leave the carbs as long as they arent a huge part of the meal! My first instinct would be to say go and enjoy yourself, but my recent experience of having a friend over from oz and having a bowl of dessert, I'd say its not worth coming out of ketosis, as I found it really hard to do the diet for the last week as I seemed to stay resolutely out of ketosis. It's been over a week since I had the bowl of tiramisu but it's only today that I actually feel I am back on the diet, I have struggled the last week and a half with hunger. So in short, keep off the carbs if you still need to lose weight over xmas
thanks for the input any input is appreciated!


not so str8 or narrow!!
omg all that food sounds lovely!!!:D
Just have a day off and start again the next day xx
sorry justwant2beslim this is gonna sound mean but thats terrible advice! Not one of us on here needs any encouragement to break the diet - we all know we could do that anytime and we have done with other diets - thats why we have chosen to do cd. for a lot of people this feels like the last chance to crack it.
Cd doesnt work the same as other diets in that if you go over the allowance one day you can cut back the next day. by all accounts coming of ketosis and then trying to get back into it is hellish and loads of people try and try for weeks and feel completely miserable. and a lot of them never make it back. Is it worth it?
for just this year your christmas do or whatever event wont be the foodie heaven that you really want but its just this time - if you dont fall off the wagon then next time round it will be the event of your dreams - wearing an amazing outfit, feeling really gorgeous, eating what you want without any guilt - isnt that worth not eating carbs for?
sorry if i sound mean but i just couldn't not say how i feel.
food wise i'd choose to have the salmon starter, the turkey main but only eat the protein and veg and then cheese for desseert but no crackers. But if i felt that i might crumble at the sight of the food then i guess i would decide not to go even though i would be miserable about it! good luck with your decision making!


always lurkin around!
dont be daft hun ..you have your meal.. its 4 chrimbo its only once a year dont miss all the fun ...do like every1 says just try and eat mainly low carb ... its a diet not a prison sentence lol youve done so well and deserve a treat 4 chrimbo.. xx
Go defo go but got for the low fat protein options avoid the carbs and enjoy your night. Speak to your CDC for more advice maybe go up the plans and back down again to help you. XXX

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