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Christmas Dinner- Yes or No?

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Hi everyone,
I was talking to some other lipotrimers on another forum and we were talking about whether not were going to have christmas dinner this year?
What are your thoughts????

I really really want xmas dinner, as my mums is the best in the world :drool: BUT at the moment my desperation to lose 5 stone is alot stronger, and im afraid that if break out of ketosis, then i wont have the willpower to get back into LT and the torture of the first week again?

Hmm... :rolleyes:
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Christmas is a big thing for us, so I shall be having Xmas dinner and a tipple on the evening.
I shall ask the Pharmacist what would be best, I guess a week of refeeding would be the way ? Then new year back to the grindstone :D


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When I started this I had 8 stone to lose so planned to take a break for xmas and get back into it all after it. I thought I would lose 3 stone before xmas and have already acheived that and am aiming for 4 stone to make me half way there. So yes for certain I am taking xmas off. I understand people say there will be plenty more xmas's etc but I learned the hard way that life is too short because 2 of my friends died this year and never knew that last year would be their last xmas.
I know I have the ability to do this so I know that I will have the ability to go back on it after my break. Good luck with whatever decision you make x
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Hmm i think your probably right, but ive read you cant drink on the first week of re-feed so you may have to re-feed a little longer??
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Thanks Angie, im really sorry to hear about your friends, that must of been very hard on you. :patback:
Its true what your saying though, i guess in reality i should be happy with the weight i will lose up to then and then give it another bash after xmas, i guess we still have to live our lives at the end of the day.:)


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Thank you x but you know what I believe is there are no right or wrong decisions. We simply make a decision and go with it and deal with the results xx
Im hoping to be at target by christmas so I will definately be having xmas dinner and maybe a glass of vino or two xx
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on cd so similar dilemma! will have xmas dinner, but not planning on chrimble cake.... just looking forward to meat 2 veg and gravy
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Im gonna do this..;-)
:) like you guys xmas is a tuff one. im having a break for xmas too, i want to enjoy xmas with my family an friends, and am so looking forward to having a little drink:):) aswell. Sometimes i think its good to have a break for something as meaningful as xmas, then get back on the wagon....which most ppl do anyway after xmas x x
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im definatly having 2 weeks off for chrimbo as i have freinds coming home from working abroad and i want to be able to enjoy myself and have a few (or many) drinks lol then im gonna jump straight back on it in january for a few more weeks :D:D:D
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yea there is that should make for a cheap christmas even better ill just have to pace myself lol (yea like thats gonna ever happen) x :D


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X,mas dinner yes or no?...............now let me think!........thats got to be a definate YES YES YES!!! Bring it on!!! DROOL....lol
I will be having christmas dinner most definately but worse than that I'm going to Spain for new year on an all inclusive!!!! eeeek

Hope I will be nearly down to a good weight by then though and straight back into it in as soon as I get back.
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Hi molly,
I am going to belgium for new years so im thinking i will have to re-feed :sigh: im scared about the weight i will put on though as new years eve is usually a messy occasion for me! :argh:


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just watch it if you do drink at all...your system wont be used to it and your get drunk more quickly...ive done it and was nearly paraletic after one!!!

h xx
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Hmm oh god harriet im normally drunk after one glass of wine anyway :D maybe i will stay away from the alcohol just have a glass champagne at midnight to celebrate!

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