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Christmas dinner...


A little of everything!
Why not incorporate fresh veg into it and have a 'normal' dinner- just without the 'roast' veg, stuffing, sausage etc.?
I find the most challenging (& fun) part of a new healthy lifestyle is adjusting 'normal' meals to be healthier? Be it the way they're cooked, or by substituting certain foods for others. I myself don't like cutting out foods altogether, with me that just leads to cravings, which can lead to binges etc.!
For 'occasions', I cut back a bit in the days leading up to it and try to allow myself 'extra' calories to compensate for any extras I take in that day- be it a dessert, a few beers etc., and cut back in the days following? It usually all balances out?
Thankfully I don't like stuffing, so I'm safe there.

Hmm, steamed vegetables and some accompanying meat might not be a bad idea. I don't fancy the idea of sitting round the fire, opening presents, then having... salad LOL.


A little of everything!
Thats what I figured! LOL! Salad on a cold winters day? Not nice!!
Veg & lean turkey is definately the way to go. And for dessert, some stewed apples sprinkled with cinnamon and a spoon of frozen yoghurt...mmmm....
It's all about choices, and how to incorporate 'nice' & 'bad' foods into your day without blowing your calorie 'budget'? Or at least, not blowing it too much?;)
TBH I've already decided to give myself a day off on Christmas day, lol. But if you're sticking low cal, then turkey is a low cal meat anyway, and I'd fill the plate with a large variety of veg so that you don't get bored. If you still want potatoes you could have baby new potatoes, I find they're lower cal than "old" potatoes. Boil them and then toss in some dried mint and a little olive oil.

Tesco Does a Light Choices mandarin cheesecake that is 204 calories for a fifth of the cake, and it's soooo good. I'd have that with a little elmlea single cream.
Sort of having the day off, we're going to a relative's house. But I'm just gonna cut back a bit; one yorkshire instead of three, a splash of gravy instead of half the gravy boat, that sort of thing. I'll have christmas pud but I'll avoid scoffing stacks of chocolates :D And I don't drink anyway, so no booze-temptation...

Several relatives are pretty slim and fit so I reckon if I just have what they do I can't go wrong. I'll just have to run the excess off on Boxing day or something :D


A little of everything!
a splash of gravy instead of half the gravy boat,
Ha-Ha!!!! I'm with you on that one!!:D:p

Several relatives are pretty slim and fit so I reckon if I just have what they do I can't go wrong.
Isn't that the key? 'Normal' people can eat roast potatoes/veg, have desserts, drink, and stay slim- we just have to learn how to do it like them!;) LOL!


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well i have my daughters 2nd birthday on xmas eve so i have double trouble bday cake eeekk. i decided i will probably lower my cals a few days before xmas, then have room for a yorky pud, a roast pot, and maybe a pig in its blanket (gosh i love those) and pudding will be a weight watchers pudding, will be having turkey which is a good lean meat, the gravy isnt a prob as i use bisto granuals 15cals per 100ml and i dont put anthing in it but water, i dont drink at all so thats no problem, my problem will be staying away from the chocolate and other snacks, i may allow myself a little bit of choccy.
most of all i am not going to stuff myself silly so that i cant bloody move out my seat after lol

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
I'm with Jim, a little bit of everything and then exercise it off on Boxing Day!

Roasting new potatoes makes a nice change and is much lower fat than traditonal roasties. Scrub them, melt a little low fat spread in the oven dish or use cooking spray, sprinkle with salt and rosemary and roast for about 40 mins.


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What about trying some goat meat for a change (assume it's a change anyway). Usually less calories than chicken or turkey and lower fat. Makes a bit of room for other things :)

Personally, I'd go for less of everything if I was dieting. Being a little more calorie aware, rather than 100%. Treating it as a 'practicing maintenance' day and making the choices that you'll hope to make when happily maintaining for life. A sneak preview ;)

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