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Christmas food list

Hi all

I am NOT going to dwell on what I can't have this season. I made a choice to lose weight so am going to take constructive action and fill my house full of food I can eat, and not spend my time moaning about what I can't.

Who's in?

Here is my red/amber/green list for Christmas food survival (in addition to all the usual SW food):

Green Food- the stuff I will fill my house with and eat in abundance
Turkey, chicken drumsticks, prawns, smoked salmon, eggs, cooked and tinned ham, roasted (fry light) parsnips and potatoes, sprouts, carrots, syn free dips, rice salad, spiced cous cous, tangerines, pomegranites, syn free sausages wrapped in trimmed bacon, pickled onions, lean pork mince stuffing, crab, sushi, lamb shanks, 0% greek yoghurt with sugar free caramel syrup, pasta salad, braised red cabbage,

Amber food- HEXs
10 almonds, 6 cashew nuts, 7 roasted chestnuts, 16 peanuts, 9 hazelnuts, 71g dried apricots, 57g dried figs, 28g brie, 28g stilton, ryvita minis, pagen rolls, 42g camembert, 85g low fat soft cheese, 2 Boursin garlic and herb portions, a baked apple with 1 level tablespoon of mincemeat, 57g reduced fat hummus,

Red food- treats I will allow within syn allowance
Xmas cake/stollen- 8 syns for 42g
Mince pie- average 12 each
Pork pie- 10-15 each
Dates – 2 syns each
Quality street- 2 syns each
Baileys – 4 per 25ml
Light mayo- 2 syns per tablespoon
Low fat Christmas pudding- 13 syns per 100g portion
Low fat custard- 3.5 syns per quarter tin
Crackers for cheese- average 1.5 each
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Gin and tonic please!
This is a great post, I'm going to print it off and send the bloke shopping!

Thanks for perking me up - I'M NOT SCARED OF YOU CHRISTMAS, YOU HEAR ME?!! :D
What a great list - such a help! I'm going to (or rather, get Hubby to) print it out, and base our list on yours!

Do hope lots of people see it - it's certainly made ME think!!!
What a brilliant idea, I've been trying not to think about Christmas food. There are so many fab things you can eat that are sw friendly.

I am also going to avoid all buy one get one free offers and the like. I really don't need to buy boxes of mince pies etc just because they are on special offer and have them here tempting me. :)


Thats great forward planning.

I was thinking exactly the same thing and have just been trying to find a recipe for a ham glaze that didn't break the syn bank lol.

Instead of shop bought cous cous salad I am going to make my own. I am very lucky I don't like dried fruit so mince pies and cake won't bother me.

Really hoping to stay to plan this christmas, judging by your shopping list I definitely think its doable, thank you :D


Reduced sugar marmalade is lovely (1.5 per tablespoon)- spead it all over the ham and sprinkle mustard powder and stud with cloves
ooo thanks for that, sounds great, I have never bought mustard powder before is there just the one type :eek: normally buy wholegrain for my ham, but that goes with honey, far to synny for me this year lol x


Slow but sure....
Well I have been so good since May that I think I can let myself go a bit over Christmas.

Saying that there is only DH and myself at home this year, so I shan't be buying an awful lot of goodies in anyway.

My hubby is a happy chappie with his Christmas dinner, his Christmas chocolate, and his malt whiskey, so I shall be buying in mainly SW friendly food and goodies

Of course it would have been a different scenerio if the family had been coming to stay, LOL....
I have decided to think of the things that I cant live without on Xmas day. PATE and MINCE PIES!
I am going to make my own Smoked Salmon Pate, using smoked salmon, spring onions, chives and quark. That makes it free!!!
Also I have found an alternative to mince pies, they sell them at Tesco and Sainsburys

Sainsbury's Butter Enriched Mincemeat Puffs, 8 pack 25g each[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
5 Syns on Extra Easy
Original 5 Syns
Green 5 Syns
They are made out of filo pastry (looks a bit like a sausage roll!!) but take the cravings away!!!
sugar free caramel syrup - ohhh where did you get this?
I get it online from a website sugarfreemegastore.com . They have it is ALL different flavours- I have vanilla, hazlenut and caramel at the mo because I make a lot of home-made lattes.

They are £6 each and you have to pay extra for postage, but they last a long time and are worth it to me- I put them in everything and they done have a 'saccarine' taste


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