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Christmas Foods



I ate my willpower!
This months magazine is full of festive SW friendly food. It covers entertaining, and the Big Xmas Day turkey dinner. There is a Baileys cocktail in there that looks lovely.
It does indeedy, I have already made a couple of things (important to trial run, methinks!!)


I ate my willpower!
Yea it does. I am not sticking to SW on the 2 main days, but not being silly either.


Just follow the plan
I'm the same, will relax on Christmas day and Boxing day but I'm still going to cook the roast veg with Fry Light, the same as usual. Will have what I want but not go over the top, otherwise I will feel I missed out on Christmas.
I think I will be making pigs in blankets out of morrisons eat smart diet sausages and bacon with the fat cut off. Will probably make loads of them so that I can nibble on them through the day as a snack as well. :)
Tinkerbellsmum - I did exactly the same a few years ago.

I was doing SW 100% but decided to take Xmas week off (it's my birthday that week too)...... anyway, I ate and drank everything in sight and was amazed to see I maintained.

This was the worst thing that happened as I thought I could carry on doing this and maintain etc. It all caught up with me the next week and I never got back into the swing of it.

I'd hate for this to happen again this year, so I'm going to have the "works" for Christmas lunch, but then back on plan the rest of the time



is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
the pigs in blankets is a really good i dea i never thought of that XX i'm gonna have a red day so thats a snack i might make scotch eggs too i will really miss pork pies and roast potatoes though mmmmmm oh gofd i hadn thpought about it but xmas is gonna be a nightmare i might just lock myself in the house and not leave.
I like the pigs in blankets idea too. Am going to my friends house this year so may take my fry light with me and some healthy sw snacks. We will probably overindulge on the vino though!!!


soon to be skinny minnie
I'm gonna have the day off on xmas, however i'm not going to go mad all day, normally i binge on chocolates and biscuits and nuts and crisps the whole day. Going to have a nice breakfast and xmas dinner and i will have a few treats in between but not to the extent i normally do
think of all the money u save by not having junk and is it worth it. maybe treat our selves with none food goods. xmas day isn't a prob for me its xmas eve when we have buffet. might have to start a new tradtion for xmas eve any ideas.

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