Christmas - lose a stone?


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Hi Everyone

Just posted about the best Christmas present I could have this year would be to get dressed on Christmas morning looking better than I have for years.

I'd love to lose a stone by Christmas but need some support to dodge all the works meals and figure out how to make sure my DH has a good time - it's just the 2 of us for Christmas so will he be eating turkey on his own?

Anyone else aiming to lose a stone by Christmas?
Hi Yes Im with you,I have 4 more weigh-in before Christmas and I would like to lose a stone.
I'll be on week 13 over Christmas so I hope I can still to LL as Im going away.

Just try and remember next year when your at target you will enjoy all the works dos loads more and be glad you stuck to it over this years christmas festivities??????????????
Good luck HUn you can do it :D
Well I went to my CDC last night and got packs for 11 days as she's going away.

I'm at 153.5 and am hoping to be into the 140's by the time I see her again.

But they're eating mince pies at my office this morning and I really fancy one. I think I might see if I can make myself some Christmas shakes.

Let's see - coffee and 1/2 vanilla pack either nutmeg or cinammon or cloves should be quite nice. A bit like a gingerbread latte from Starbucks. I'll try it tonight.

I think one of the successes of VLCD is planning, so I'm trying to have a quiet run up to Christmas to avoid eating and am quietly not going to the work do, but am meeting friends for coffee at lunch for pressie exchanges!

What have you got coming up?
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I want to lose another stone by Christmas as for work dos, I am only going to one, not drinking (gonna take my car and have offered to drive other people!) gonna have a small meal and a great night....xmas dinner at home will be dodgy, but will have one of my soups to start and a small meal again....hopefully it goes to plan!
Me 2 !!
I am starting Cd on Monday and i would luv 2 be a stone lighter by christmes.
We can all do it !!
Hi guys

Christmas is always a big deal in our house. It's the two of us for Christmas, so at a bit of a loss about how to deal with the day.

Icemoose's blog about how he dealt with Christmas last year is a big inspiration.

Roch - what a time to start! I really admire your courage and look forward to reading about your journey.

Katie - my original goal was 10st 4, but I think 10st would give me more leeway when maintaining and would take my bm below 25. Do you mind my asking how tall you are?

When does everyone do their weigh ins?
Yep me too another stone for Dec 25th will see me under my Christmas target of 16st in fact it will put me well under at about 15st 5lbs. So I may treat myself to a nice turkey dinner :)

Ps This will then leave me another 19lb to loose post Christmas, although I'm thinking of moving my target from 14st to 13st for my holiday in July 07. Lets see how it goes :)