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Christmas... opinions please...


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Hi all

I'm already wondering what to do about Christmas and instinctively I feel that I should just forego the Christmas dinner and stick to LT over the festive season. I don't work at the moment so I have no parties to worry about, only Christmas dinner at the in-laws.

My thinking is, if I refeed this early into the plan I may go astray and pig out and find it hard to get back on track. Certainly the time I did LT before I cheated and after a few attempts never made it past day 1 again until now.

Is anyone else here sticking to their LT over Christmas? I'm just curious how everyone is handling it. I gave up one Christmas when I was having chemo, I was way too sick and just stayed in bed and then last year I made up for it. I'm thinking I could do it again, sacrifice a single Christmas for the sake of sticking to the plan.

Thoughts and opinions gratefully received!!
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I was thinking the same thing hun, People who have cheated or had a meal have lost that week or stayed the same. You could have something light from the selection. Turkey is not that bad so you could just have 2 shakes and a light meal that day if you think that would be fine.

If you feel you can get through the day with nothing and still enjoy yourself, then I would say stay on LT.

I have taken breaks and found it hard to get back into it.
It entirely up to you hun, Im going to re-feed the week before, have my xmas dinner and get back to it on boxing day (But im not going to pig out and have my usual 2 selection boxes for brekkie this time!) I do remember someone on here writting that it is only one xmas and what means more to you losing weight or eating 1 meal...but i wouldnt be hapy not celebrating with my family. I dont drink and will be mostly eating veg anyway....So i figure if i stick to it until then, do a proper re-feed and eat sensibly at xmas for a day or 2 then the damage will be minimal....XX


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Jesi, have you decided yet what you're going to do about Christmas? I definitely think sticking to the plan would be best for me since I do have a terrible track record for getting back on plan, regardless of the diet involved. I know for a fact the in-laws just wouldn't understand so I doubt I will have my Christmas dinner there. Maybe I shall go down after dinner instead so there can be no questions about why I never ate, although I will have to be refusing mince pies every 5 minutes!! heh


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Yeah, I think I will try to "maintain" my weight around the Xmass time - time to indulge a little. Not necessary skipping a meal - more trying portion control. I know - not easy. I will make sure I have enough WW points saved for the ocasion (and gym will not get a miss) Already incorporated this plan in my weekly goals expectation.


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Thanks for the reply butterbean, and kudos to you for having the control to be able to do that. I laughed at your comment about the selection boxes, why is it we do that, pig out at Christmas just *because* it's Christmas? My MIL is always trying to feed me, I think she sees my large size as being a sign of good health and likes to make sure I'm well fed! Rather than try to explain to everyone about what I'm doing I'm keeping it under wraps as the last thing I want to have to do is explain myself, I mean, why should I have to yet I know I will feel the need to do so and end up on a bit of a downer, which usually ends up in me eating something of the chocolate variety in large quantities -.-

Good luck with the refeed when it comes, I'm trying to stay positive and not think about the fact I may well have cheated well before Christmas and so it won't be an issue lol
tbh i cheated in my second week, i went out for a meal and could say no....the guilt was unreal! I was worried all week that i hadnt lost anything! I got a telling off from some of the ladies on here and that spurred me on to try and have more self control...the meal wasnt worth it! lol
It is funny how we do pig out at xmas....i think everyone does it....even the really health concious people must over indulge at xmas!...I just tend to over indulge enough for my whole family...i really do hope that i can put my food demons behind me now. Even after only 4 weeks on LT i am thinking about food differently...i used to eat anything and everything regardless off if i was hungrey or even if it tasted nice...as long as i was chewing i was happy! Now...i look and think...how many calories has this got, will it fill me up and are there any nutrients in it!....its weird! haha


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Isn't it great though that with the support of this forum you were able to get right back on track after that initial cheat? I think that definitely makes a big difference, having people there who have been there, done that, know *exactly* what you're going through so when they give advice you can be sure it's come from personal experience.

As for my overeating, well it's not so much that my meals were unhealthy, Ive been a perpetual dieter most of my adult life and always cook low fat etc, it was what I was snacking on. In fact, most days I'd only have one *proper* meal and just eat junk the rest of the day, biscuits, cake, crisps. It makes no sense why I would eat this way, I have to be honest and say it was just pure laziness. When I think of all the tasty breakfasts and lunches I could have eaten and yet I chose to eat 4 bags of crisps or a packet of biscuits, you gotta think to yourself, "why?" *sighs* Oh well, that's behind me now, I'm determined to do it this time. I'm not currently happy with my life and I need to make changes, big ones, but I lack self confidence. I know that by shifting the weight and finally allowing myself to be the person I want to be I can be strong enough to make those changes and really start living again ^.^


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I'm not on Lt at the moment hun, I am taking pills to regulate my periods for fertility issues. I don't want LT to mess up my cycle. I am starting back as soon as I possible which should be in 2 weeks or so. Once I restart I am sticking to it until I get to goal. I don't mind if it's christmas or new year. This is more important for me.


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Ah, sorry Jesi, I didn't realise. I remember going through that whole infertility journey myself. Sadly after 9 years of TTC I was diagnosed with cancer and had to start chemo right away and have been advised not to even try and get PG for 2 years post chemo. Mind you, the experience changed me and my priorities so it's no longer an issue for me. Anyway, good luck with the fertility issues and the LT, you definitely sound determined and in the perfect frame of mind to restart once you're able to.
hey hun, i wont be on LT at xmas as will be at goal by then. if i wasnt think id stick to it accept for xmas dinner. i had a day off for my bday where i are loads and still lost 2lbs that week.
think as long as you get straight back to it ull be fine.

x x
There is no getting around it...its going to be tough! I'm not worried about dinner as I don't eat meat, so I think I'll just have some veggies and my two shakes just for that day....what I'm worried about is all the chocolates and snacks that are always lying around on the day...If I could stay in and not see anyone that day I would! My OH will be with his folks and I'm with mine as we've no kids...its going to be a big hurdle, but I'm hoping to be 2 stone lighter by then, I've not doubt thats going to be tough, so I'm not going to mess up all the hard work just for one day!! Will probably end up coming on here and begging for help!!!:wave_cry:
Cookeh, i tink yu are dead right to stay on lt during christmas. By dat stage you will be well settled into lt. Which will make it much easier maybe you shud reassess it wen you get closer to christmas. Its only one chrsitmas afterall and if you can start lt on your birthday im pretty sure you can make it through christmas.

Grat idea bout not eating with the inlaws and about the mince pies by dat stage i tink it will be pretty clear that your on some kind of diet you will look different by then in one form or another coz its a while away an you cud of lost more than 2 stone by then so just say your watching wat you ate and that you are still stuffed after eating christmas dinner at home. If you make it clear to them dat you are dedicated to losing weight over christmas (no need to tell them the full details) then thy shud accept it mite even be proud of you sticking to your guns.


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Thank you for the votes of confidence, you've made me even more determined to stick to my plan over Christmas, after all, it *is* only 1 dinner plus a day full of treats heh

The only issue I may have is that my SIL lost around 4 stone and claims not to have been on a diet doing so. Every time I see or hear from her I have to put up with comments about how she is a size 8 now and even those are getting big on her -.-

If I could totally avoid going to the inlaws on Christmas day I would just stay home but I know my other half won't be too happy about it, plus if he goes on his own then it makes me look bad =/ Grrr... I wish I just had the confidence in myself to say "no, Im not going" and then not have to explain myself.

Hey you girls are right, I could be 2 stone lighter by the time Christmas comes! Wow, that'd be great, and if I am then maybe *that* will give me that little extra confidence I need to get me through the family rituals.
Hun i have no doubt you will lose 2 stone by then.

There is no way she lost 4 stone with no dieting at all its a load of bull! Ignore her coz she is just embarrassed that she had to diet in the first place. There is no shame in doin lipotrim it is brave taking control of our weight and lives in such a way. so be proud that you have taken this step hun. You dont have to shout it from the rooftops but never be ashamed that you needed to diet we cant all have fast metabolisms etc.

My brother is exactly like that he keeps telling me he lost 1and a half stone eating healthy food in 2 weeks he doesnt eat healthy food. He's a pig he just is lucky that he doesnt gain weight. He is a karate instructor as well so obviously burns calories doin that an he goes the gym all the time. He makes out that he lost all the weight by just eating meat veg and potatoes for dinner but its not dat at all. He has the worst diet of anyone that i know and as i always tell him just coz he's thin doesnt mean that he's healthy. I hate people who make out losing weight is so easy.

Sorry bout the rant but people like my brother and your SisInLaw make me so angry.


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No need to apologise at all hon, I know exactly what you mean and feel the same way. And, you just hit the nail on the head, thin does not necessarily equal healthy. My OH eats a diet of junk food, mcdonalds, KFC, crisps, never EVER any fruit and veggies and he is stick thin. I keep telling him all the unhealthy food takes its toll eventually but he doesn't care, he just worries about the here and now, not the future.

I know the reason Im as big as I am, I ate too much crap, and I did it willingly. I have to change my eating habits and LT seems ideal because, like any addiction, it removes the source of the addiction from the picture until you get it under control.

Thanks so much for the support, I really appreciate it and good luck to you, and everyone else, on the plan!
I'm not going to be on LT for Christmas, as I'll have hit my goal, but, I think I would definitely want to make it through Christmas without eating if I had a fair way to go. It sounds like you've pretty much made your mind up to stick to LT over Christmas & I think that's absolutely great! After all, there's nothing to stop you from enjoying the day without food - that's really not what Christmas is about! & you'll be looking so much slimmer by then! :)

Also, there's no way your SIL lost all that weight without making an effort to, unless something seriously changed in her life - I know my Mum's friend lost 2 stone after starting a cleaning business (she was already a 'normal' weight anyway), but, unless she's changed something significantly like that, she's telling fibs!!



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Thanks Hannah. I think I just need the reassurance that I'm not a nutter for deciding to stick to LT over Christmas hehe. As for my SIL, yeah, I had already guessed she stuck to some kind of diet but maybe feels too ashamed to admit that. If anyone comments on my weight loss I'll happily tell them I'm dieting, I just won't go into details ^.^

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