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Christmas outfit concerns

I bought a dress a few weeks ago in a size 18-20 for my Christmas night out. Only problem is that I tried it on today and it actually fits me just now and Im slightly concerned that its not going to fit me by Christmas as Ill hopefully be around another 2 stone down by then. Someone reassure me that it will still fit coz Im slightly concerned on this one and am now thinking I should maybe try to pick up a cheap dress in a size 16 just to be on the safe side.

As a total aside I was a size 28/30 when I started dieting. (Just thought Id get that bit in, lol.)
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I dont think it will still fit if you lose another 2 stone hun... could you change that dress for a smaller size?
I'd be well pleased if that were me! If you do think your going to lose more I'd look for something new and get that one on ebay!
well done on your loss you've done fantastic :)


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Maybe wait another month before buying anything else? Im going to a ball just before xmas and am refusing to buy a new ball gown until a couple of weeks before I go, incase I lose more or not as much as I expect.
Yeah I think thats what Im going to have to do. Cant believe that I could be in a size 16 by Christmas though - havent been a size 16 since before having DD 13 years ago. Totally surreal, especially considering Ill still have 3 1/2 stones to lose.
That would be a good idea but Im not a dress type of person. They are special occasion wear only for me. I just wouldnt feel comfortable on a normal night out wearing a dress. Of course that may change when Im a size 12, lol.
Think how wonderfull it will be to go shopping nearer the time knowing that you're not shopping for the size you hope to be but that you're already there and looking great xx
Just catching up and read your post re dress - what amazing progress - have you lost all those dress sizes just since May - am amazed - I am dreaming of a size 16/18 - alas the dress I bought to inspire me I still look 9 mths pregnant in (but not for too much longer hopefully) - God you are like ....normal sized - able to shop in normal shops.... - you must be chuffed to bits- well done mrs you must be transformed - thanks for the inspiration x
Happily it's not going to go near you in two months.....but oh the joy in shopping for a smaller size. You've done so well!
Thanks guys. I still cant believe it. Initially it took ages to drop sizes but since starting Exante they have been falling off. Costing me a fortune in clothes mind you but Im not complaining.


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Hehe Joanne, I refused to buy any new clothes until after I had lost 2 and a half stone... my suits were hanging off me! I looked like the kid in that tom hanks film "big" after he shrunk back to kid size haha. Ive just bought a few new bits but am refusing to buy too much, once I get to target Im going on a HUGE spending spree I think!
Well coz Im slightly obssessive Ive just bought a dress in a size 16 (I only bought it coz it was reduced from £35 to £5 so figured had nothing to lose). It fits as well but purely coz of the style of it. It will still fit when Im a 14, never mind 16, so shouldnt be a problem. Just need to buy accessories to go with it now and to feel brave enough to wear cream and red, lol. Hopefully by then I wont mind being noticed - thats the plan anyway.
Have you considered getting your colours done too? I went to House of Colour a couple of years back, and it was fantastic - as I've been losing weight and having to buy new clothes, I was soooo pleased that I'd done my colours so I knew that what I was buying suited me too - just for those extra complements! But also I feel great wearing colours that I know suit me. If you've not had it done, I would highly recommend it for a brilliant confidence boost :)
Not something Ive ever thought of but then I tend to live in black, lol. Thats why the cream and red is such a big thing for me. Might be something Id consider at some point though.

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