Christmas Party Dress Picture


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Morning all,

Thought i'd post a during pic of me in something other than jeans! Went out for hubbys bday/xmas party last night and he grabbed a pic on his phone before we went.

What do you think to the hair??

Hmm had to put it in profile albums as i can't get the upload to work.

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Gorgeous photo - shame you didn't get more ...... hope you had a good night ;)


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You look fabby, love the dress and hair, really glam!



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H, you look gorgeous! Love the hair, did you do it yourself? You look soooooo slim in that dress. Bet your hubby was more than impressed!


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You look gorgeous, and I too love your hair. (You look so slim, you certainly don't look like you are 20lbs from your goal) xxxxxx WELL DONE xxxxxx


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Your dress is gorgeous and I do love your long hair, it really suits you!

Well done on your fantastic weight loss!:happy096:

Love Mini xxx


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the dress and hair are great you look totally stunning x


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Wow hun you look stunning, and soooo slim. Your hair is gorgeous too. I can't even master doing anything fancy with my hair. I'm so glad you enjoyed your night X x x


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Thank you for all of your lovely posts, its so nice that people take the time to post and i do appreciate it.

I didn't do my hair, the best i can manage is a pony tail, so i spent an hour at the hairdressers having a few longer pieces put in and rollers etc, the hairdresser said she was going to do it like Cheryl Cole lol I wouldn't mind the face and body to go with the hair lol!

Have to say it looks like rats tails this morning back to a pony tail just a longer one lol.

Had a great night, i hadn't seen as lot of the friends and family that came out so it was strange to see their reaction to me, most were positive but some didn't seem to know how to act which i thought was odd and made me a little uncomfortable.

Sorry for rambling on and thank you again, you've made my day.



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You looked really lovely, I bet your husband is really proud of how hard you have worked and how lovely you look. You can just never tell how people will respond as it takes people time to adapt to change and it can bring up issues of their own for some people.

Just enjoy the rewards of your work regardless of others x


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I mirror what everyone else has said, you look gorgeous and soooo slim, complete package, well done, all your determination has paid off :p


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You do really look good, what size dress is that? As for the people who chose to ignore how good you look, well just ignore them too. All that matters is your happiness and your health.


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Lol thanks hun, my dress was a 16, but was a little loose.



I will get into that wedding dress!
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stunning!!!!!!!! XXXXXX

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hair, dress and you all look fabulous!


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I know how you feel about people not knowing how to react to you. We did a bonfire party back in November and a lot of people hadn't seen me since I lost some weight only 2 people mentioned it which I was a bit gutted about yet 3 people commented on how nice my hair looked. I thought it was really strange, but some people just don't know what to say, so they choose a safer compliment. X x x