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Christmas Party Planning


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Why oh why... when everyone in the office knows you're on a diet.. do they ask you to plan the Xmas Party?

Grrr, I've spent the day looking through various restaurant menus and I think I may have just gone a little bit crazy! I will be eating by Xmas but OMG I can't be doing this right now! lol

Plus, why is there always one person who complains about the final choice of where to go? I give up :sigh:
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I feel your pain Lauren - am putting it off but it is on my list! Am only Day 2 so can't face it now especially as won't be eating or drinking at least until Jan!

BUT - I will be much thinner and able to wear a slinky dress to the party I planned for them all!

They are all a bunch of moany ungrateful so and sos - just ignore them! :)


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Told them that as nobody else had volunteered to sort it out, they could deal with what I had found for us - not a lot of choice left for a dept of 35 people!

Anyways, most of them have agreed its a good idea now & have started to send deposits to me :)
Ooh what are you doing? I have to plan for only 17 people! Could use some ideas xx


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We are going out for some christmas cocktails, then having a meal with secret santa being done, then hitting gunwharf quays to have a bit of a bar crawl... That pleases most people in my team.

I was looking at a hotel & doing one of those themed nights where lots of different companies go, but it seemed a tad too expensive at £50 a head!
I'm looking forward to the party so I can show off what I've lost! Gonna get the sharpest suit money can by! Sod the food and drink im gonna look killer!! Wooohooo xxxxx

If I put all the take away money saved in a pot I could easily go Gucci or Prada! Bring it!!!!!!! Hahaha xx

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There is nothing better than a designer suit, I got me some gorgeous prada heels a couple of months ago!

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