Christmas refeed???

Foo Fan

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Hi All,

I am thinking about doing the weeks refeed on the 18th Dec, so that I can eat Christmas dinner and have a drink Boxing Day..
By then I would have been on LT for 40days..
I'm hoping to get back on LT the 2nd Jan..
Is it hard to get back on once you've done the refeed etc.. I'm worried that I wont be able to get back on track - should I just stick with it over christmas and maybe just have a small Christmas dinner instead of one of the shakes??

Any ideas?? :sign0163:

Hi Foo Fan :)

I'm only on day 4, so i've not ever come off it to go back on it if you see what i mean.

I will be coming off it for Christmas because i want to have my dinner and a few drinks. But i'll be going straight back on it afterwards. I think if you want to lose weight enough, you won't have a problem getting back on the LT. :)
Hi foo fan I'm going to stick to two shakes and a low carb meal cos I know how hard it is to get back on it
good luck with what you decide to do