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Christmas time off! are you or aren't you?

Hey everyone! i was just curious to what time off everyone will be having over the xmas period and if you are what will you be trying to eat or trying not to eat!

I'm only having xmas day and new years day and the menu is the same for both days!

Christmas is always at my mums so I'll be having prawn cocktail which shouldn't do loads of damage then turkey with veges ( no trimmings or pots) and we never have pudding!

Some vodka with coke zero for me!

So I'm not going hugely overboard!!

What are you guys doing this holiday?
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Well Ive been doing part and total food replacement for 6 months now, so Im taking some time off, I think I've deserved it!

My last official weigh in is going to be the 17th of December as Ive got my works christmas ball on the 17th, staying over night in a hotel so Im taking the 17th and the 18th off, Im going to eat what I want but just a small amount, then have breakfast at the hotel the next morning.

I will go back to 100% from the 19th until the 23rd as thats my birthday, so am coming off the diet on the 23rd and probably wont go back on it until the 27th, so that will be four days off, Im not going to go crazy but Im going to have a little of what I want, just make sure they are small portions.

Then Im going to do 100% from the 27th until the 31st, I will come off the diet on the 31st as I've got a big night out planned, wont drink a lot but its new years eve so Im going to have fun, then have the 1st off as well.

I will go back to the diet on the 2nd of Jan, which will mean between the 17th and the 2nd I will of had 8 days off the diet and 8 days on so Im hoping that will help balance out the damage so I weigh the same on the 2nd of Jan as I did on the 17th of December.


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I have a couple of nights out in a couple of weeks which will involve alcohol so will be indulging in that one. None of them require food thankfully (btw Im not in ketosis so dont need the dangerous to drink while in ketosis lecture, lol). Other than that I will be having a small portion of Christmas dinner and a bottle of wine on Christmas day and thats pretty much it for me.
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it's my birthday today but i'm only on day 3 so im going to stick to it but have a couple of vodka and coke zero's, i'm not a big drinker and i'm only going to the comedy club so not a huge night out.
For xmas i am just going to say i'm on low carb and leave the spuds and dessert (i hope i can resist) and then new years eve i'm going for a curry with friends so i will get the meal where it's just meat and no sauce, i dont like rice so i should be fine.
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happy birthday kaye
i will be cooking for 12 people on christmas day and boxing day so i will be having them 2 days off dieting. i know i will gain weight by doing this but we only get christmas once a year :D


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I'm stick to total 100%. I'm not eating. I only started last Monday so this is day 6. I have a wedding dress to fit into, so I figure one Xmas out of many is not gonna kill me.

What I'm worried about is that I have booked a trip to Iceland for 3 nights from the 6th jan. I'm in 2 minds on what to do about that.
I did a couple of weeks of exante in October then kinda fell off the wagon, now finding it soooooooo hard to get back to 100%.
So, hopefully I will manage to re-start tomorrow and will not be taking any days off over xmas as trying to get back on track after eating is just too difficult :(
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Happy birthday Kaye:553:. I still haven`t decided whether to take a break or not. I might refeed week before xmas so that l get to have wine etc but l would rather not coz at some point l felt that l was drinking too much (a bottle of rose a week lol). Or l could just have a day off and just eat on xmas day. l am so desperate to lose the weight l dont want to eat :sigh:. As others have said there will be other xmases. We are going to my sisters` and l will be the one to do majority of cooking as usual and that makes it so had to focus. If it was my house then its different l could just get on with it.
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I'm afraid I'm definitely off from Xmas Eve to Boxing Day and for NYE and Day -Just going to try to not go too mad ! I applaud those who can stay on it and agree it's harder to restart - but each to their own it's not for me - good luck with what you decide


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I think if I had just started I would try and stay 100% but Ive been doing part or total food replacement for 6 months now and I dont have a set goal date... well I have goals but they arent fixed to anything special happening so it isnt the end of the world if it takes me a week or two longer.

I am going to try and not drink though, I will drink on my works xmas do and new years eve but thats it, Im going to stay away from alcohol on my bday and xmas and keep the carbs as low as possible.

Its just about doing whats best for you.
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I'm going to be on the diet all through xmas.I'm not going to risk taking a day off.
S: 21st8lb C: 19st6lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 42.6 Loss: 2st2lb(9.93%)
No I just know that if I have a day off I will find it impossible to get back on it after xmas.
ooh, i've been struggling to get back on the plan big-time since my night off for our christmas party. I think i'm going to work up the plans until christmas and switch to Slimming World fairly soon.

I admire anyone who can stay on the plan long-term, but I think for me it's helped me to regain focus and control over food, and shed the extra bit of weight that made me feel really uncomfortable. So now i'm happy to work on the rest of the de-larding at a bit more of a slower rate.
I'm having Christmas day and boxing day off and probably New Years eve and day too. Then i'm 100% until 21st January when i'm away for the weekend which will involve lots of food and drink. Hoping i'll be almost at target by then and will start Slimming World after my weekend away :)
I believe I'll be alright during the Christmas time. I've already decided since am going to spend christmas (24.12) with my friends, I can eat on 24th of Dec my proper Christmas meal with dessert and everything like everybody else. Then that's it. Hopefully I'll stick to it, and I will. :)
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I'm planning to start on the 28th of Dec :) ... Can't afford to order the packs yet, and by then, I will have all the family gatherings out of the way! I think it will be easier for me to start the diet when I still have time off work, so I can make sure I’m not feeling headachey etc at work. Not drinking on NYE will be the biggest test for me. I do love a drink... or 5 ;) But! Seeing how well you all have done / are doing is really inspiring me! :) Looking forward to this! Just got to get rid of all the food in my house before the 28th, will be inviting all my friends round for dinner every night as I have a freezer FULL :/
Biz xx


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I have just started... Hello... But i plan on keeping to the simple solution until after crimbo! I cant deal with explaining to everyone why i am sitting at lunch with a bowl of soup but at the same time dont want to put on the usual half stone over the hols... Damn those sweet christmassy treats!! Come December 26th its total all the way. ;)

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