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Christmas Time

I havent decided yet, if I am strong enough I will abstain, as I am a compulsive eater and would be frightened of getting out of control.
I have decided as I will practically be at my goal weight by Christmas I will give myself two days off - with some control, then get straight back on the packs for the 27th - 4th when I start management.

Hopefully shouldn't do too much damage in that short time, and gives me a chance to get back to abstinence before I start management as I would like to make sure I do that properly!

I admire all of you that will abstain, and I think if you are still in the early stages of your journey it is sensible to do so as you risk falling off the wagon for good. Think of all the Christmas meals you can have in the future!

Good luck and Merry Christmas to you all - here's to a lighter 2008 for us all!



Back to the grindstone!!
I may have a bit of dinner, meat and green salad, on Christmas day but other than that I plan to try and stay on the packs. I hope to go into management at the end of January but I don't feel that I will lose out just because I didn't have "the works" this year.
More to the festive period than food after all!!!
All the very best to you all!
Me too, abstaining here! I can't stand the thought of gaining anything at this stage - the amount I've lost is too precious to me. And there's always next Christmas...

Deb G

Silver Member
Abstaining. I want to start RTM on 7th February so I need to be at (or very near) to my goal weight by then. I won't achieve that by eating.:rolleyes: I would also worry that I would have problems getting back into abstinence again after eating, and there's the waste of £66 that week :eek: whilst out then back into ketosis. I suppose it would be like a stall week.:(

I also worry that I would get into a mindset that I HAVE to eat BECAUSE its Christmas, when it is, in fact, just another day. I don't want to get into the habit (once I'm eating) of pigging our "because its Christmas/birthday/I'm on holiday" etc again. :rolleyes:

I've come this far already through a myriad of temptations, and there's NO WAY I'm going to get side-tracked for the sake of one day!!!:)


Happily pro pointing!
I have thought a lot about this over the last few weeks, and I will be abstaining.
If things continue as they started I should be done mid Feb, but if I start making excuses to eat stuff I will never get there.

Eating on xmas day will;
put me out of ketosis, so the next 3 days I am going to feel crap and headachey.
I will likely not lose weight,
and one small plate of turkey and veg is going to cost me another £66 for another week on LL.
And another week away from goal.
It is so not worth it.

I have worked out that Christmas, for me, isn't actually about the eating. The most important thing to me is having a nice time, having fun with my family, playing games etc. So I know I will enjoy Christmas without gorging myself on crap like usual. I don't need food to have fun, I love my family and being able to spend lots of time with them is what is most important to me.

I have put plans into place for dealing with situations that might crop up and DH is behind me 100% as is the rest of the family.

It has taken 6 weeks to get to this state of mind, lots of soul searching and the thought records do really help.
Week 1 and 2 I was in panic and couldn't see how I could get through Xmas without eating (not just a bit of turkey, but the whole shebang). Now I know I will get through it.
I was going to give myself Christmas Day and Boxing to eat what I like and then get straight back on it, but in reality I'm not sure how abstinent I'm going to be from this Fri...
I've just agreed to go round to a friend's for a 'Christmas takeaway' (who am I kidding?!) on Fri and then I have something planned which sort of involves food every day until boxing day....so 6 days rather than 2!!
I will however be on foodpacks apart from in the evenings or main meal....and stop eating when my clothes start getting tight! :eek:

I have massive respect for anyone remaining abstinent throughout the holidays but I just don't have the iron will anymore and would rather suffer the consequences in the new year than not eat or drink...!

Monkey x

Deb G

Silver Member
And now I feel a plonker as I am going to enjoy christmas dinner.
Your not a plonker, it is up to everyone to do what they think is best. Believe me if I thought I could get straight back on it I would defo have Christmas Dinner.

Go on Dave enjoy yourself.:eat:


Happily pro pointing!
And now I feel a plonker as I am going to enjoy christmas dinner.
Not at all.
We all have to deal with things the best way we know how. If you know you can't do it, then plan what you are going to do and stick to it. I would actually write a plan, what days you plan to stray and what you will allow yourself to do.
There is no point in saying I will abstain, knowing you can't, then get to xmas day and can't do it and then go wild ;)
The most important thing for me would be if I were to stray it would have to be for something I really enjoy otherwise I would feel it was a waste.
Enjoy yourself, put it behind you and start again on boxing day.

I have massive respect for anyone remaining abstinent throughout the holidays but I just don't have the iron will anymore and would rather suffer the consequences in the new year than not eat or drink...!

Monkey x
I have to say that if I was at the end of my journey, as you are, I probably would take a break for xmas, I just don't think I am far enough along yet, for me to be able to do it.
It is also the getting back on the wagon thing that I, personally, would be very worried about.

I don't think there is actually a wrong or right way to deal with Christmas on this plan. I know LL say always abstain, but I think you really do have to deal with it in the way you know will keep you on the plan longer term, if that means eating on Christmas day then why not. It is better than giving up completely because the pressure is too much.
IMO ;)
As they say, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.
I am sooooo breaking abstinence over crimbo! I have been on it for 6 months and lost 9 stone, I think I can take a few days off. I have just been looking at chocolate logs in M&S, and I am salivating at the prospect of licking the ganache off it!! Can't wait!
Im going to eat christmas day and got a chicken for boxing day which i shall have with veg,i normally do all the crisps,sweets and other junk but going to be really good this yr,well try at least...im on cd which is same as ll but without councelling lol and half the price so although im paying out for that week it wont cost me as much and i hope not to put to much on...;)
I'm eating!!!!!!!!!! and I can't wait!!!!!

im actually eating this thursday too at my work xmas lunch... back on packs friday... saturday... sunday monday... xmas dinner on tuesday and then straight back on packs... Not a problem, feel in total control :)

I was just discussing 2nite at my WI how my attitude to food has changed SO dramatically over such short time.
Im planning to abstain because the christmas meal is not really a big deal to meal. What is though is the liqueurs and chocolates and savoury snacks that I normally graze on all day from Christmas eve till boxing day and I will worry that I will be unable to get back to foodpacks only

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