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Christmas Vs Lipotrim - opinions

I've seen a few bits re Christmas, and I'd just like to see what people are actually looking to do for Xmas
A) Carry on LT and miss Xmas dinner
B) Stop that day and have Xmas/back on boxing day
C) Refeed before and have moderate Xmas/start after

I'd be interested in peoples choices
I probably did start at a stupid time but I thought there will always be a reason, I could potentially be a stone lighter by Xmas rather than a stone up from just going mad and 'enjoying' it.

Whats your choice!
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I am personally going for B , I am going to have some christmas dinner ( just meat and veggies, no carbs ) and a bottle of pepsi maxx, I am finding it a great motivation to have something ot look forward to , and I so love christmas , and all the lovely goose we have :) I am just having that one meal tho and then thats it till I am at target .
I will have lost around 3 stone ( at least ) by christmas and thats nearly half way to goal so I think it will do me good to have a treat .. some people may disagree , but it is what I feel will work for me and I cant wait !!!!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Well done to you for starting so near to Christmas and you are so right that it is better to be a stone down than going mad on a last binge.
As to what I will do??????????? I hope I can manage to stay with LT for the holiday. I had initially contemplated refeeding next week and restarting in Jan. I have been doing so well that I feel I should stay on it rather than break. My doc had said to take a break of six weeks after three months or so but I think I will keep going for another while anyway.
Really hope I will have the will power to stay strong!!!
I admire you for starting near Christmas - and you're right there's always an excuse to find if you want to. Definitely I am staying on LT. Eating a meal without refeeding properly is a very bad idea, and refeeding will take a couple of weeks (and therefore add at least 2-3 weeks on to your diet). Also you'd have to go through the business of getting into ketosis all over again.
For me it's just not worth it. I love Christmas and will enjoy being with my family. I'll really miss the meal as I know it's a big part of the day, but think about what we have achieved. For the sake of one meal I'm sticking at it (but already planning next year's Christmas dinner in my head - it's going to be FAB-U-LOUS)

Good luck with whatever you decide



Otherwise known as Jools
I'm changing from TFR to two shakes and a meal - sort of a mini refeed - from next week so that I can enjoy Christmas. The meals will be mostly lean meat or fish and vegetables, so not a proper full on Christmas dinner but at least I can take part and the temptation to break the TFR will not be there. I shall come back to TFR on 4th Jan.

My original plan was to go to WW after Christmas to finish the last 3 and half stone or so til goal - but my pharmacist recommends that I stay on TFR til goal and then go to WW to maintain. So I am thinking about that now - not too sure what to do. I guess the time over Christmas hols will give me a chance to really think things through.
hi there don't know if i was a bit mad starting so near to christmas too but as you said better i'm down in pounds rather than up come christmas day.
for me the temptation will be too much so going to do two shakes and meal(minus carbs) for christmas and back to TFR before end of year.
And then next year enjoy a proper christmas in my new body and hopefully wearing a dress!!
Good luck whatever you decide and just keep thinking of how you want to look and feel whenever you're tempted(thats what I'm hoping will keep me on track)
Drea X
I personally started near to Christmas to aid in my psychological efforts in giving up on the putting off the diet till monday syndrome

i'm not saying that you should or shouldn't do any of the options but for me its a personal challege that i've started and i'll be damned if i'm put off by some turkey, roasties and pigs in blankets (i'm shocked that i can actually say that, i must be cured!!!! lol)

My 35th birthday is 26th Feb exactly 2 months after Christmas day so i've planned on starting the re-feed on Valentines day (old romantic) and having a nice meal to celebrate my birthday and Christmas all rolled into one!!!

thats my plan and i'm sticking to it!!!

best of luck with your decision!!!

jay ;)
Great plan Jay. What's your plan for after LT?


I'm basically going to go back to what i was doing before LT, generally low fat food with the odd treat cutting out the chocs and crisps with a descent amount of exercise, i'll probably do an amount of LT Maintenance prior to that but thats what i'm planning

jay ;)


One last chance
I'll be on LT until I reach goal. I've missed out on birthday meals and I've missed out on Eid celebration too. But I'm ok with that :) I want to be slim more than I want food and besides, all these celebrations will happen year after year so you can join in the fun when you've finished can't you?

It's down to you though, the danger of getting off and then going back on again is that it is very hard to get back into the diet because now that you have had some food, you may be tempted to stay eating.

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