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Christmas wishes

I know its a scary thought but christmas is just around the corner!
14 weeks to be exact
so 1lb a week till christmas = 1 stone
1.5lb a week till christmas = 1.5 stone
or even 2lb a week till christmas = 2 stone!!
Everyone can do it!
So if anyone has a christmas wish then plonk it on here and we can celebrate them all together.

Mine is to lose 23lb by christmas!:4616:
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I want to lose 16 1/2 lb by Christmas to get me to my goal of 11st7lb
Good idea!
I would like to lose at least a stone by xmas so I can get into some lovely little party dresses :)


Onwards and downwards!
Would love to lose 1 stone by Christmas. That will hopefully mean I will have gone down a dress size so I can ask for some nice clothes as prezzies :D
To hit my 3 stone by xmas would be fab...so please santa can I lose another 18.5 lbs by then? Promise I've been a good girl :innocent0002:
A stone by christmas would be great, and a 1lb week doesn't seem that unrealistic. Just need to pull my socks up and stop having days where I relax the rules so much (like trying to pretend a slice of homemade white bread with seeds really does count as an HEB...).


Now to maintain.....
i am 10lb away from target so my wish is obviously to lose that 10lb and be at target x
I want to lose 2st :)


Never gets tired of SW!
I would luuurrrve to lose 1 more stone by Christmas, but won't beat myself up if I don't do it! To be honest getting my 4 1/2 stone sticky (11lb to go from now!) will be a great acheivement- carrying 9 lb to lose into 2011 won't be so bad!x
Like Heather above I would like to lose a stone by christmas. That'll take me 2/3 of the way to target. Here's hoping!
All of your wishes are brill and you can all acheive them!
Just go for it eat those yummy free food and water is a must!
everyone's gunna look fab for christmas!
Good luck x

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