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Just having a bit of a quandry.....What should I do at Christimas??

I have a devil on one shoulder telling me to eat eat and eat and I have an angel on the other shoulder telling me it is only one day and I will have to do this diet for even looooooonger!!

By Christmas I hope to be just a couple of stone from my target weight and I know that if I do indulge in some lovely festive food my weight could potentially increase by a stone over that short period!!

The trouble is Christmas dinner is at my house and I don't know if I have enough will power to cook for 10 people and have a shake or if I do AAM some turkey and veg!

What are all you Soul Sourcers planning?
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Loooooves MiniMins
I'm having xmas day off for sure! By then I doubt I will want alot anyway and planning on having shake at 12 as normal and then xmas dinner later on. Wouldn't be xmas day without xmas dinner! :D
I'm definitely giving myself a couple of days off over Christmas! christmas is my fav part of the year, and part of that is the food. I'm not going to go nearly as mad as I normally do, but I'm certainly not going to feel guilty for Christmas dinner, pud and cake! so there! lol
I haven't decided what to do yet. I was hoping to be at goal for Christmas but unless miracles do happen that won't be happening now :rolleyes:

I will probably have the day off from SS but just be careful what I eat. Christmas dinner is my favourite meal though so it will be tricky! Mind you, the bit I enjoy most is all the veg, so I don't suppose that is tooo bad :)
:)Im definately having xmas dinner, having one shake in the morning then turkey and veg and maybe a small piece of pudding or oe of my shakes frozen!! then SSing the week between xmas and new year, then plan on first footing but no drinking but shaking then i might drink on the 2nd of january! But if im invited out for a meal over xmas i will probably go to that aswell but again mini portions of protein and veg (no carbs).................golly you have me all excited for xmas now!!:)
How much are people planning on losing in the 7 weeks from now till xmas??? Im going to work so hard and aim to lose 2stone!! So i think i will deserve a meal for that!!


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Am on 790 so am planning on a normal-ish CD day - having the turkey dinner and a small piece of Christmas pudding and that's it!

It is only one day!
thanks for all the replies...

ill be on my maintenance then but im not gunna eat a propa dinner. just chicken and veg!no carbs!!!!!!!!!!xxx
that is what I was thinking of doing...but i looooooooooove roast potatoes! I can just hear my family telling me off for not eating my Crimbo dinner!

I keep saying to myself it is only one day and food is just something you taste for a few seconds (but it does taste very good!!!!)
to be fair tho im a bit silly when it comes to this diet!coming off for crimbo is probably the right thing to do!i just get addicted to things!1 day wont do much!i just think if i get a taste for them things i mite not be able to stick with it when its over!!

1 thing i thought about the other day...im 21 and have an advent calender every year!this will be my first not having one which is quite sad!!!xxx
i wont be eating over christmas, i know that if i do i wont be able to go back to abstinance. For me its easier not to have anything than a 'small bit' of what i like, i can never stop at 'a small bit'
I Am Having The Xmas Dinner But Small Amounts And Just Meat And Veg Will Also Be Having Boxing Day Thought A Salad Type Meal That Way We Can All Eat As A Family Only Thing To Work Out Is Pud Or No Pud It Will Be Like Aam With Extras From Santa
Its interesting to see what everyones gonna be doing, great to see no-one gonna go mad .
I'll have a shake xmas morning then turkey and veg for dinner, boxing day is spent at my parents so it'll be salad and turkey (cant wait...lol)


2nd Time Lucky!
It was coming off for a "normal" xmas dinner last year that led to me coming off CD gaining my weight back on. Which is why I am restarting monday. Id say...if you have a determination of steel stick to your SS or whatever your doing, planning an AAM week for xmas would be best I think. Id hate for anyone to do what I did and ruin it all - mind you doesnt take much for the munchie devils to tempt me :rolleyes:
I also ruined my SS a few years ago when I came off it for Christmas. I never really got back into it properly.

I just wish it wasn't Christmas in 7 weeks time, I wish it was 7 months time :(

I know I'm going to find it hard, whatever I decide to do. The kids will have chocolate and goodies everywhere and I really miss it.

I just love eating :mad:

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