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Chunky Madwife's Labour of Love

I also have realised that its probably a good idea to keep a wee diary, to record the ups and downs (and I know there will be at some point).

It will be good to keep a permanent record of my thoughts and dreams throughout this journey, to keep my going when inspiration is hiding and temptation comes my way.

I have 5 stone to lose. I haven't been 10 stone since well before I had my children (15 years ! Eek). After I had my first two children I managed to lose 2.5 stone over a loooong hard, dedicated 4 months. Since then I have had two more children and regained all that and more. I have had subsequent attempts at WW and SW, neither of which were very successful (long and slow weight loss, despite doing everything I was told). Lack of tangible results made me feel despondent and give up, caving into my greediness and natural laziness.

I am now 35, 15 stone, and feeling ugly, unattractive and unfeminine. I want to be successful this time, and I will be! Positive thinking innit?

This is my Day 4. I have not been hungry, feeling very full up easily andI think I hit ketosis yesterday. Sneaky weigh in this morning suggest that I may have lost 5lb already. :D
I'm going to take my measurements now and record them, so that I can have something tangible when the going gets......well, hopefully not tough, but harder.

Having been around crisps and sweets today, I found it hard not to automatically reach out and scoff. It's all bad habit and boredom. So I feel that TFR will really help to break some of these habits.

I am starting a new job soon, which will keep me busy, so it's new start all round.

Here is hoping I don't bore you all too much and thank you for reading x
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Aw thanks. :D

Day 5, felt fab all day, but suddenly felt very tempted while grabbing some packed lunch stuff for the kids in Sainsbury's at 6.30pm.

Then I realised that I had only had one wee shake today (vanilla, warm with cinnamon - lush!), plus I had been on an hour and a half country walk and swam 6 lengths. No wonder I was thinking of food. Not Good.

Still, I resisted, swung by the aisle with clothes in it and checked out some tops, and imagining me thinner, being able to wear them and then got out of the shop pronto!

So have just had a tomato soup (not as bad as I feared, lashing of chilli flakes and black pepper). Couldn't finish it though.
Have been OK at drinking water today, but probably could do with another pint or two.

Onwards and upwards though.
Made a small booboo today. :eek:

I had three slices of wafer thin ham and a piece of smoked salmon while I was making tea. :rolleyes:

I know it's not the end of the world but I am annoyed at myself. Had a minor op this morning so feeling sorry for myself too.

I think I left too long a gap between lunch and dinner. Grrr. Still, you live and learn. At least it wasn't the evil carb (ie bread). Today I also started with bar for breakfast, maybe they aren't as filling as shakes?

Tried a vegetable soup, with chilli flakes and black pepper and yummy, do-able. Going to finish off the day with hot choc shake. Slurp.

All in all, got to keep going. Official weigh in on Wednesday morning. Woooo.:D
Well, end of Day 7.

I am feeling miles better than I did at the beginning, have more energy too.

Anyway I have felt that it went well, and I have enjoyed the packs (even liking the soup now, although I'm still wary of the Thai chicken) there was a small blip when I had a couple of slices of wafer thin ham and smoked salmon :eek:

But it was literally a mouthful, so hopefully not too much damage.

Its funny how all the cravings are purely mental and habit based.

Will weigh in first thing tomorrow and will report back :D
Well. 7lb off! Quite happy, but feeling bloated and constipated (sorry TMI) so it maybe could have been more.

Have started on psyllium capsules and took Sennakot last night so hoping for some action soon!

OH has decided to join me, but I'm not sure if he will stick it. Strawberry shake this morning, and I have had two pints of water, and he has drunk nothing, despite my dire warnings.

We Shall See.................I give him two days.
Thanks! x

Well Day 8 has been unexpectedly hard. It started well with weigh in, a pint of warm water (I like it!) and a strawberry shake. OH joined me (tbh he's not drinking enough water).

Then we took advantage of Orange Wednesday and went to see the Kings Speech (very good!). Had a can of Coke Zero (I'm going to start a thread on THAT), and back for soup about 2pm. Have drank loads of water.

However, by about 5, I was feeling really hungry, miserably so. I was starting to play those wee mind games with myself (eg oh this is never going to work, it's not worth it, I'll pile weight back on again anyway, wish I could have buttery toast yada yada yada). Was fantasting about a lovely big ham salad sandwich.

All the usual nonsense that usually precedes me falling off the wagon with a big THUD. I went into the kitchen to feed the kids. I snarfed about 8 slices of wafer thin ham. I made a soup for OH and had a bar myself, thinking that worst case scenario, I can have another bar or a poached egg later.

However, after a bar and another two pints, followed by a long hot bath and I am now glad that I didn't go off the rails.

But OMG, how easy is to start conceding defeat? Scary.
Okay, Day 11, feeling good and everything has been going well. Sneaky peak at the scales (I know, I know) looking good so far this week. I always weigh myself in the morning, after a pee, either naked or in jammies, so at least it's consistent!

Loving the water now, feeling a real difference in my skin (feels much softer and people have commented that I look a like brighter/am glowing).

OH is coping well, he is on Day 5 and found today a wee bit harder, but he is spurred on by the fact that he has lost 7lb already. I think he is drinking enough water, he is feeling OK, and appears to be in ketosis now.

I found today a bit more difficult as I worked an unexpected overtime shift, and ended up not having nearly enough water (couldn't manage much after morning shake) and had a later than usual lunch.

This resulted in me feeling a bit dizzy and having to sit down and drinking a big pint of water. Had to fend off kind people offering chocolates and sandwiches, but managed to resist! In fact it was easy, as I had my bar. However I ended up with a very sore head, even after 4 pints of water (didn't drink them all at once!).

I will have to make sure that I have enough water in future, but in a busy hospital it's not always easy getting a couple of minutes to yourself. Have some longer shifts coming up, so I need to be prepared. Maybe taking an extra bar/cold boiled eggs/packet wafer thin ham with me just in case.

Anyhow, back at home now, have had loads of water and a big glass of Coke Zero (well, it's Saturday night! I know how to LIVE!)

Treated myself to a lovely long soak in an aromatherapy bath with a book. This is the life!

I have been looking at before and after pictures of people as I am constantly amazed and inspired by them - especially love that people always look so much younger and happier the in after pictures. Fabulous.
Day 13, still going strong and 99.9999999999999% still TS (have had a couple of slices of wafer thin ham now and again, just for the taste really).

Today was a bit more challenging as I have been up since 5am, to get a train to attend a work thing 100miles away. Had a shake at 6am on the way to the train station, coffee x 2 and 800ml water through the day, a bar at 3.30pm.

I got home at 5.20, frantically cooked a quick pasta tea for the kids and had to go out and do some shopping at ASDA, followed by PTA stuff (school discos) all night.

Got home for good at about 9pm. Decided that since it was a such a bizarrely busy day, I would have the poached eggs that I have been fantasising about since I started Exante. I've got 5 chickens, and their eggs are soo tasty and lovely when poached on the day they were laid. Fabby. Also had three bits of grilled bacon and a mini bottle of ASDA diet coke. Luxury. TS tommorrow though, and time to order a new box from Exante, with OH doing it too, we have really gone through the first box. Luckily he prefers the soups, while I love the shakes. And we both love bars :)

I didn't have the 3rd pack though, so it was a cross between a TS and a WS day. A TWS day ;)

My skin is feeling bloody lovely though. And I am feeling all virtous. Looking forward to WI on Wednesday.
Dug out my old diary, haven't clocked in here for ages. Weeks. Months.

Anyhow, Day 2 restart - going well, had a bit of sandwich ham earlier though. Numnum.

I have a job interview on Wednesday that I have only told a few people about, so had a look at Asda clothes while shopping and bought myself a lovely pair of light brown linen trouser SIZE 14! yay indeed. Just what I need to inspire me after a couple of days off plan. Also bought shiny red pumps. With my new trousers and white shirt, I reckon I'll look pretty smart, simple and fresh.

Spurred on, I raided my wardrobe and found three pairs of size 18s which were too big and a size 20 shirt also. Also managed to get into another couple of size 14 trousers I had hidden away. REsults indeed.

I don't understand though, the last month my weight loss has been much slower, yet it's only now that I am noticing a much bigger difference. Weird.

Now I am determined to get myself under 12 stone soon (this will be a first in approx 11/12 years) so feeling very motivated. Aiming to make May a TS month. Might have another couple of days off at the end of month/beginning of June. Aiming for 11 stone by mid June (although earlier would be much appreciated!)


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