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cinema snacks

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:confused: I really need help on this 1!!

I go the pictures a lot with my boyfriend who sits and snacks on popcorn, sweets and everything else he can fill his pockets with!! what do you guys suggest i take? my consultant said crab sticks but somehow i do not fancy stinking the place out haha!!!

thanks x x
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Why not take a box filled with cous cous and loads of free veg!

Or if you want something sweet how about some grapes?

i find it hard too - but think of how many syns he is eating and feel smug that you are resisting!
iv taken bbq chiken strips to the cinema and they were gorgeous and free but did stink the place out and i just felt embarrassed!
lately iv been taking a box of mikado sticks.the whole box is about 5 or 6 syns and gives me a little chocolate fix and cause they are individual sticks they can last a bit longer.

alternatively i have once made a mix up,i got a few low syn sweets(haribo,sugar free sweets,a few maltesers etc) but it was more syns and too much effort to do all the time.


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I usually take Kellogg's Crunchy Oatbakes as a HEB. You get a fair number for your HEB so there's lots of hand to mouth action and they are quite sweet! If you want to treat yourself try covering them in melted nutella and popping them in the freezer for an extra chocolate fix!


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me and hubbie are both on slimming world , and love goin the pics , we have a large diet coke , and then take grapes , a apple , we have even taken a orange lol , that was funny peeling it in the dark lol , and for a chocolate fix a curly wurly , and im loving velvet crunch crisps made by kings for only 4 syns hope ive helped xxx
Why not make your own mix of low syn treats such as a chopped boiled egg, slice some fruit, throw in a chopped up curly wurly. OK sounds gross but you get the idea just take a box of different things to munch on. Theres also SW crisps too though there is a debate as to whether they are syn free or not nowadays.
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How about chick peas!! Free on a green day.
On a baking tray, even them out and put some spices on it, like curry or paprika or a wee bit salt... stick them in the oven for about 30 minutes or until they are crunchy. Kind of like peanuts but not :D


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I go the pictures a lot with my boyfriend who sits and snacks on popcorn, sweets and everything else he can fill his pockets with!! what do you guys suggest i take?
a better cinema partner ;)


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Haha loving this thread. My local pics has the food police on the door, they check your bags and near as dammit frisk you :eek:
Top tips that I have found helped.....

Eat a BIG meal close to going....

Be late....If I have to rush into the film, there isn't much time to be stood drooling over the popcorn !!!!! (Interesting fact.....most people eat the majority of their popcorn and snacks whilst waiting for the film to start and watching the trailers)

I get my husband to buy the drinks if we are early (and popcorn for him if he wants it - but make sure that the drinks are LARGE and the popcorn SMALL. If the popcorn is small, he is less likely to offer me some!!!)

I too am worried about the 'food police' at the cinema, so don't take a bag. However, I do put one or two Hi-Fi bars in my pocket for if I need a sweet fix. (I use these as my HEX b x 2).

By not having too many sweet diet drinks during the week, I 'treat' myself to a diet pepsi. This also helps me with my 'sugar' craving.

If all else fails - I get hubby to buy a bag of minstrels, and just give me 15 (This is approx 42g and 10.5 syns) which helps for a chocolate fix. (I make sure hubby saves some of the minstrels so that I can have them over the next few days)


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You could weigh out 28g of popcorn (6.5 syns) but it is a rather depressing amount compared to those giant tubs!! ;)

I'd take food that isn't too smelly, & easy to eat in the dark! So as other have said, grapes, berries, a banana.
Syn free sausages cut up, mini bag of sweets or how about some scan bran cake?
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This thread is a huge help. It's my first time going to the flicks tomorrow night, since I joined back on SW. Before I would have indulged and allowed myself to without feeling guilty. This time round there's too much at stake with my weight loss, so I really need to knuckle down. The ideas here are endless, so thank you for great tips everyone.
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Take some swizzle matlows Rainbow drops theyre 4 syns for 28g and one of their large bags is 11 sybs if you wanted to blow your syns for the day...you get loads and theyre sweet and delicious x
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Thanks ejgemmag. I love Rainbow drops, great to know I can take something a bit naughty to the cinema and not worry about getting tempted by the popcorn, sweets and slushies. :)
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what about a small box of mikados?? 0.5 syns each and they are scrummy.. they take ages to eat too if you suck the choccy off instead of throwing the whole thing in your mouth lol x

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