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We went to see UP during half term so I took Alpen lights, a banana and a synned packet of fruit pastilles, and a bottle of water.


I will succeed!!!

I went last night after work with the good intention of having a small sweet popcorn as my first treat in ages. Unforunately this didn't work. I had a total blow out and had a Wimpy chicken burger with fries, a caramel magnum and a few bits of my sister's pick and mix. Felt sick afterwards which I reckon was my punishment for the SW Karma Fairy lol. Now have to make up for it until WI on Tuesday lol

I am impressed by you eternity! Even my lesser sin of small popcorn was bad compared to you! I need to be better organised me thinks - well done!!!

I'm going cinema tonight and am going to take some grapes and other fruit and some low syn mints (about 3.5 syns) so that I won't be tempted to eat my families popcorn and sweeties as I will have the minty taste in my mouth lol :)
it's a killer. I went with a bag full of fruit and water. My OH ate a large popcorn and chocolate and pick n mix. It damn nearly killed me!
Eternity, I also took Aplen bars to 'Up' last week!

We have a Cineworld cards so pay £13 a month and go as much as we like, so we go quite a bit. Going to see 'The Fourth Kind' on Saturday. Scary.
I take a bok of Mikado biscuits and eat the lot!- There are 18 biscuits in the box and they are only half a syn each so 9 syns for the lot. I take ages to each each one, sucking off all the chocolate (noisily) then eating the stick so they last as long as popcorn
I either take a box of Smints (1 syn for the lot) OR some Sula sweets which depending on flavour are either 0.5 syns or 2 for 0.5 syns . They are like boiled sweets so last longer.
Freeze a Mullerlite yoghurt in the morning, take it out just before you leave to go to the cinema and it should be just right by the time you get seated.

Ta da! A syn free ice cream style treat.

Works for me....just don't forget your spoon lol
Caramel flavoured Snack a Jacks!!!! Yummy!!! 2 1/2 syns for the Jumbo ones or 5 syns for a 25g bag.
Alpen light bars as a HeB, fruit and a can of pop.
Never heard of freezing Mullerlight before, wouldn't mind doing that with a toffee one, my favourite ones.

Well, I never actually go the cinema as I hate other people...well, not really, I quite like them, I'm not weird or anything I promise! What I mean is I hate paying £12 odd to go out with my OH or a friend to the cinema, only to sit there listening to other people's conversations, phones ringing, rustling sweets, eating, the 12a ones where parents bring their brats along to avoid paying babysitters, and they end up running round all the way through or distrupting the film. God I sound like the biggest misery guts ever!! But it does drive me crazy. Anyway, back to the original subject! When you think about it, films only last 1 1/2 to 2 hours, surely the idea of having to eat something falls under the heading of one serious ingrained habit! Take mints and water and break that bind!

Hmm, now I'm veering into ranting fanatic territory! But habits do annoy me, mainly because I have so many food-orientated habits myself, such as always eating dinner in front of the tv, having my cereal with my morning surf, etc etc. Breaking bad food habits is good!

Nerdy lecture over, sorry! Mints and water for me!
MMMMMMMMMMM good question as I'm hoping to go to the cinema for the first time since SW this weekend and hadn't thought about snacks really.

Will either eat before I go so I'm not hungry, take some chopped fruit/veg, some chicken slices or anything else I could eat with my fingers if needs be.

Our cinema's small popcorn is still rather generous so couldn't even go for that :cry:
I always make sure I eat beforehand and don't have anything whilst I'm there. It really helps that the people I go with don't snack there any more either - not going near any of the snack stands makes it a lot less tempting.
Eat before I go! Always make sure of that.

Sainsbury's do small bags of BGTY popcorn, toffee flavour, for 4½ syns a bag - it's lovely. I take that, or a big fruit salad. If I have the syns, my treat is a small tub of Ben & Jerry's frozen yoghurt - the chocolatey brownie super duper choc-fest one. It's 9 syns but tastes SO indulgent. Totally worth it.

I have been known (in days gone by, when I thought I was being good but was just being stupid with food) to buy a tub of popcorn and eat that as a meal replacement!
I always go with my MIL she's in a wheelchair so I go free as her carer, but she does insist on bringing chocs & a bag of sweeties. I try my best just to have a few, but once you start munching, that's it, I just can't stop.

I've not told her I'm on SW she would just bring more :(

I just have to fit the syns in with the rest of my week:cool:
To be honest I never understood the need for people to munch their way through a film. I love food, and I love films, just never understood why one should mean another. To be hoest the price of the snacks t the cinema are enough to amke sure I'm not tempted. I've told the kids that cinema prices are bad enoough. If I had to buy overpriced snacks, then we would just ahve to stay at home and wait for the DVD. I ahve just paid nearly £25 for three of us to see Christmas Carol 3D tomorrow. That is more than enough for 90 minutes entertainment. They can keep their popcorn. I'll make some homemade for the kids to have whilst watching X FActor later. He he.

lol ! I didn't know that. Did it? I also think Madonna used oodles of personal training and plastic surgery!!!

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