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Citric acid - a question for you atkins followers


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I am not on Atkins but am interested in it as i am going to start on go-lower soon. Your recipees look great!
I have researched the process of ketosis and was puzzeled by one thing. Most ketogenic diets (lighterlife, lipotrim, etc...) advise their clients to stay clear of citric acid (lemon, diet drinks etc...). Atkins doesn't. I saw several recipees with lemon as an ingredient. Looking at the ketogenic cycle, citric acid is believed to disrupt the fat burning process.
Your thoughts/advice would be very much appreciated as i get worried about these things if i can't understand them. :D
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I think it's a very individual thing. A lot of people have problems with citric acid and ketosis, though not all.

Some people seem to have problems getting into ketosis if they have citric acid, but once in ketosis are fine with it. Some people cannot use it at any time to stay in ketosis. Yet others it's never a problem.

I know cambridge does use citric acid in at least one of their flavourings, but it's advised to use no earlier than day 15, as it takes 14 days for the whole ketogenic process to be fully in gear.

After that, there's a maximum amount to help prevent a problem with those who are extra sensitive to it.

I believe this all applies to Atkins too. Some can/some (many can't)/probably best to delay testing it out/then with caution.

I guess the 2 week induction for Atkins would cover this 'delay'?? Can't remember, but don't think lemon etc is allowed in the first two weeks??


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Can we use fresh lemon as a salad dressing in Induction? Anyone know?
Thanks :D


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Not on induction Caz.

and as KD says, it's an individual thing, I never had a problem with citrix.

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