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Claire Sweeney - tv last night

Can't hold back anymore... did it really take Claire Sweeney to eat what she liked and not exercise to prove that you will put on weight... is it me I just did not get the point of the programme?
so it showed that if you eat loads of food and you do not take any exercise you put on weight!! what a revelation that is!!
I dont know why I did not make my own programme, I could of eaten my own bodyweight in cakes, not exercised, flown to Majorca and LA and then looked very surprised at the fact I had gained 2 stone in 6 weeks! PS with the help of Miss Sweeneys personal trainer I can confirm she only has 7 pounds left to loose to be back to her former self.. doesn't help us who have stones and stones to loose and find food a big deal and how bad we can sometimes feel.. sorry to go on but this was not helpful.. any thoughts :)
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That makes me very glad that I didn't waste an hour of my life watching some slim bird show how easy it is to put on weight! I managed 12lbs in 2 weeks over christmas! Good effort! Now the nasty bit to loose it! I agree I think there is a whole load of us who know how easy it is to put on the weight and didn't need to waste time watching her!
Even after her 2 stone weight gain her BMI was only 25.2. Thats lower than my target!
She really should hav worn a bra under that flowery dress shehad on in LA - saggy underarm fat not attractive love


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I watched this today on the itv website and was thinking the same myself really, why put yourself through that for a tv programme?! Is it me being cynical or was it that she has a new west end show coming up and it was good ad for that aswell as getting herself papped for the trash mags. More publicity?! Another thought was, she said she was eating what she wanted but it seemed she was stuffing to get a good (bad) result, take that Giant greasy burger for example!!
I watched it whilst enjoying a glass of white wine, some cheese and a toasted bagel! Not a big fan of Ms Sweeney but i agree with the above that it was a bit pointless, producers should have had a nose in on this forum and we could have given them something much more realistic!


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I found it interesting as it was obvious from the pleasure on her face she was getting a hit from the giant burger and the ice cream... which showed clearly that she needs to be careful in the future as she could easily end up turning to food for comfort if her career took a nose dive.

Now that she has done it once, it will be so much easier the next time...like any drug it is very seductive.

I was very surprised how quickly she lost her looks and body shape changed drastically...adding ten inches on her tummy was a lot for only two stone:rolleyes:.

The medically side of it was a bit lame...but she did get a huge fright when her blood pressure went up!

...no idea why she would put herself through it:( Perhaps it was an excuse to pig out without guilt or restriction with the excuse of doing a documentary...what we were all to learn from this experiment is a bit vague...

I think if my own husbands reaction to her last night is anything to go by then I would think this programme has done her more damage than good as it put my husband off her.

Love Mini xxx
...no idea why she would put herself through it:( Love Mini xxx
Think of Abba "money money money"
so she can lots more :dooney:lol
I actually found it really interesting to see how her body image and the way she was viewed by others changed - it helped to know even she had to face the emotional stuff of being FAT!! I also was totally shocked by what her makeup artist said - basically that he couldn't look at her and didn't like her fat!! I was horrified and actually really felt for her - I was surprised how much she gained and where - her waist was interesting - I was also pleased to note I now weight about the same as her (granted she is four inches taller but.....)
I do agree it was stating the obvious - but the blood pressure result was interesting (although I am on bp tabs and have lost 8 stone and it hasn't changed!!!! - but it clearly it must be a contributing factor!!!!!!
I heard about this one but didn't bother. I have seen something similar where two people kind of do a swap. The healthy person eats and does what the unhealthy person usually eats and does and the unhealthy person tries ;) the healthy person's lifestyle.

What would really interest me is a sensible documentary on VLCDs such as Cambridge, LighterLife and one or two of the others. Perhaps the documentary could follow the progress of one or two people on the Cambridge Diet.

Now, that would be something worth watching.
What would really interest me is a sensible documentary on VLCDs such as Cambridge, LighterLife and one or two of the others. Perhaps the documentary could follow the progress of one or two people on the Cambridge Diet.

Now, that would be something worth watching.
I think Discovery Health did a series a while ago with people on different diets and discussing the pros and cons of each one. Its a shame programmes like that got overlooked in the press mania to doubt VLCD's work and publish the negative stories which can often be factually inaccurate or omit vital points.


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I thought it was an interesting programme. I think she really has a fat person inside her screaming to get out! She has total control over everything she puts in her mouth & that was obvious with how strict she usually is with her food. Even on holiday she normally restricts herself/does excercise (jogging to the beach!)


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I wanted to see it but missed it too. Does anyone know if it will be repeated?
I take on board what people have said about it being obvious that eating what you like and not exercising makes you gain weight but i think she was very brave to try the experiment...don't think i could do it in her position.
That mega burger did look delish tho!
Think the programme was bad from the point of view that whilst being slim she is constantly on a diet to keep to her weight and has personal trainer yet she hates exercise which is a really sad way to live your life. Also disappointed by the fact that actually her BMI was 25 within healthy weight range - yet they were talking about all the health risks to her. What about the majority of the population watching the programme - who are bmi 25 and thought they were healthy!!! I'll get off my soapbox now - sorry!!



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I think it was an interesting programme. Claire Sweeney is an actress and dancer and always has to watch her weight. By letting go for just 6 weeks she piled on 2stone.

Just think how many people diet down to where they want to be and then go back to eating the way they used to. Bingo the weight goes back on twice as fast.

When you have finished CD or whatever diet you are following, the really work will start in keeping it off. You will will have to be aware of what you eat or the weight will pile back on.

Sorry, just giving a different slant to the programme
Yep - maintaining is the hard bit - losing is easy!! I had maintained about six weeks till chrimbo but let rip and ... 9lb on - but all off pretty much since ss-ing since mon!!! working up again now!!

ITV did a series with Lorraine Kely and BBc a similar one with Eamonn Holmes - testing a range of iets from cabbage soup to ww, including cambridge - I remember the losses were great but the testers didn,t like it and were bored. Was about 5 years ago.
It was quite interesting when she went to see her mate - whats his name something King, and she said how upset she was about being overweight and felt horrible being fat. I feel like that every day and was strange that someone like her, still beautiful and only a stone and half over her normal weight was so upset by it.

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