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claire's cambridge journey


please try again
well thought since im 5 days into a restart that maybe having a diary this time would be of some help to me.

so here goes i started cambridge the first time at 23 stone and lost 4 stone. i then had a very stressful move to england ( violent ex, disabled child not a good mix ) and in the process of loading the vans they packed my cambridge stuff!

when i got to my home here work wasnt completed and they unloaded into the one room that was done but again no sign of cambridge stuff, was buried under other stuff.

ended up taking a time out while the house and daughters medical stuff was sorted. ended up putting some weight back on :cry:

so on a restart 5 days ago at 20 stone 11lb!

im getting weighed tonight ( i hope ) called my cdc last week to put off weigh in last thursday as i wasnt on the diet due to illness and asked for it to be rescheduled for tonight. no word from her but hoping its gonna be ok.

strange old world this, i got dumped last week ( not bothered to be honest, i work on a 3 strikes and ur out rule and he had tryed to cheat, dumped me cos he thought i would cheat and then moved a girl into his 1 bed flat so hes not worthy of me )

and since then ive had offers from 3 blokes. me thinks they should have gone to spec savers!

one visited last night, been mates with him for 8 years, used to be really attracted to him but to be honest just done feel that way about him anymore

but whoops, got his ethnic background mixed up, for last 8 years thought he was indian, lol

had 1 shake so far today, all looking good
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please try again
well just had my weigh in and after 5 days ive lost.................

13lb yay me!

now i have to get ready cos silly me i said srosht could come and see me arrrrrrrrgh

me thinks these guys need to go to specsavers
Well done on your restart, Im on day 4 of mine, your loss is fab x x


please try again
yes im particularly happy with that loss :)

well he was here for about an hour ( his cousin is visiting this week and said he could only visit an hour lol )

nice lad, easy to talk to but on kissing me goodbye he kept biting me, really not my kind of thing


always lurkin around!
well done on loss so far im restarting 2 morrow xx


please try again
well another day on the cd wagon and im blimmin freezing! wearing a long sleeve dress, jeans and a cradigan and currently wrapped up in 2 duvets and still frozen :(

been to tescos and am rather mad. place was packed so people insted of waiting for a normal parking space just used the disabled spaces insted
im intitled to use those spaces because of R so today ive had to lift her out the car like a baby and squeeze her between the cars. shes 3 and a half, too big to carry that way but shes not able to weightbare today so what am i to do.

so if any of you were parked illegally in those spaces today, hope you liked my little notes!

please people dont park in disabled bays if you dont need them, theres a reason those spaces are there, getting a disabled person in and out a car needs room to manouvre and wheelchairs aint small!


please try again
well had my 3 packs and 2 litres so far, need a bit more

very annoyed at srosht, turns out he has a girlfriend and was looking for someone to cheat on her with.
he asked if his cousin could have my number, which is a no of course but he gave it to him anyway, the cosin texted me to tell me hes a good boy and a virgin, now what do i need that info for?

i think im going to give up on the whole dating thing, just not worth the hassle


please try again
well been a couple of boring days since i was last here, sis had my wee girl from friday night till last night ( did see them saturday thou ) so i cleaned and put clothes away for both bedrooms, must get the downstairs sorted this week, odd smell coming from somewhere but ill be darned if i can find the source

still being stalked, got a weird call telling me my house number and to look out the window, there was a car in the road outside my house with a bloke waving at me. my bedroom curtains will be firmly shut from now on


please try again
just looked at my msn contacts list, my ex is using a pic of R as his display pic and has the tag line im not loyal claire

now whats that all about


please try again
well weigh in number 2 today and i lost...............
drum roll please.................


thats 22lb in 2 weeks i love cambridge!

ive also lost 1/2 inch off my bust
2 inches off my waist
2 inches off my hips
First of all, awsome losses! That really makes me want to try CD...

Secondly, that's just disturbing (about the ex, and the guy in the car), but hopefully that'll all go away.

Keep up the diet, it's obviously working!:)


please try again
well weigh in today and 3lb down yay

25lb down in 3 weeks :)

off to cardiff tomorrow, looking forward to it but a bit nervous


please try again
geez i hate men sometimes
a male friend texted me for a chat, asked if i was seeing anyone so told him about jordan. ive now been called every name under the sun and told he never wants to speak to me ever again
erm what exactly is his problem? weve never dated and arnt ven that close mates. fighting the urge to tell him to get a grip

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