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ProPoints Claire's Weight Watchers Diary


cos i need this xxx
S: 20st8.5lb C: 19st3lb G: 10st8.5lb BMI: 40.9 Loss: 1st5.5lb(6.76%)
well, i started weight watchers at the start of January and in 4 weeks ive lost 16lbs :) im really enjoying it so far and have very rarely felt deprived. i went to weight watchers a while ago and comparing the new proppoints with discover, wow propoints is just the best thing ever. even when ive felt like ive had a quite unhealthy day, i look at my tracker and can see that my diet is still soooooo much healthier than it was, getting my 5 a day is easy easy easy now, whereas before i was unlikely to even get 1 0r 2! so proud of myself so far and hope i can finally, finally, have found a way of losing weight that gets me to the weight i want!!!

i havent yet set an ultimate goal, but i know roughly where i hope to get to. at the moment im just looking at losing 5% at a time and celebrating each silver 7 to keep me motivated!!

ive got a goal to run the womens 10k on may the 8th so thats giving me motivation to get moving too, i did my first ever run today, though it was a walk/run! i plan on doing this 4 times a week and just build up my stamina and my distance as i go along!!!

well, hopefully somebody will find my weight loss related ramblings interesting and follow me along the way!!

claire xxx
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cos i need this xxx
S: 20st8.5lb C: 19st3lb G: 10st8.5lb BMI: 40.9 Loss: 1st5.5lb(6.76%)
thank you!!! ill take a nosey at yours!! good luck to you too - youve done amazingly so far!!

well today had a good day yet again :) feeling really optimistic about weight watchers and im nearing the end of my 5th week! gotta be a record for me!!!

well today ive eaten -

breakfast - 1 homemade banana and peanut butter wholemeal muffin - 5 pp

lunch - toastie made with ww bread, ham, low fat cheese and goats cheese - 7pp

snack - curly wurly - 3pp

dinner - omelette made with 1 egg and 2 egg whites, 150g grated potat, low fat cheese and goats cheese - 12pp

dessert - lidls own low cal angel delight made with skimmed milk and 2 trifle sponge fingers - 8 pp

dash skim milk in tea - 1pp

total 36pp - my allowance is 37!! :)
all good!!

not really done much exercise today so i might do a bit of a dvd later. am going out jogging with a friend tomorrow though so might not!!! also going to have a couple of satsumas and some lychees cos ive barely had any fruit or veg today, oopsie!!!

anyways! xx


Gold Member
S: 19st2lb C: 19st2lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 42 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
good luck with your journey hun, and well done on those losses so far. totally agree with you on how much healthier propoints is to discover xxx (or rather how much easier it is to choose the healthy road :) - dont want to upset any discover-lovers!)