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Clap hands, stamp your feet, banging on the old big drum

well done
Well done chuck *raises a glass* heres to the slimmer happy sexy new you :)
Well done, I just hope I am there with ya in tomorrow's weigh in and do the same!
What does SW with calorie control mean. I think that maybe what I need. What do you do? Well done BTW

Basicaly I eat too much and I need the portion control for me in order to loose the weight. I still eat according to the foods ie red, green or EE but just have enough calories in a day according to the books for me to loose weight. I know this is not SW but its working for me. Its the rice pasta and tatties that do it for me, as I could eat these till I'm fit to burst and thats not the way to do it, satisfied is how to do it, but with not enough self control yet, I just need a bit of extra help.
When I get the self control with eating, then the calorie counting will stop and I shall just continue with SW as it should be done, but till my stomach understands satisfied I'm just adding in that little bit of extra help.


Lover of Extra Easy
Well done!! You are a star. Watch the pounds fall off!!
I am glad the calorie control works for you.
I think that you are right.
When I eat loads of food, even free, I don't lose as much as when I eat so much less.
I am not going hungry at all but eat when hungry and not eating for the sake of it.
When I was working I took loads of muller light, fruit etc and munched all day.
Now at home (not for too long I hope) I just grab something when I am hungry and have a main meal in the evening.
I am a believer of eating when hungry and not at specified times, like breakfast, lunch and dinner.
If I am hungry I eat, that's it, AND realistic portions. It works for me! (SO FAR!!)
BIG well done to you...

Your post made me smile as I love that song you quoted, my daughter sings it in her song and dance competitions :D

i love em all too, i remember when i was small i wanted the sound of music on video and just before xmas my mam got really poorly and was stuck in bed for days and couldn't get it for me....my world fell apart. Looking back i feel rather crap for being so selfish :s
Well done!

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