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Close to target - Food Diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by eviescott, 10 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. eviescott

    eviescott Full Member

    After reading many food diaries online, I have decided to write my own on here since i visit this website daily. I'm going to be completely 100% honest, and i will admit i always go over my syns. I will also record any exercise I do that day.

    Breakfast - 1 Hifi Light Bar, Handful of grapes
    Snack - 3 x Hash browns with BBQ sauce - 5.5 syns
    Lunch - Jacket Potatoe, Baked beans, Salad + Light Marg - 1.5 syns
    Snack - Half a short bread biscuit - 4.5 syns
    Tea - REGRETFULLY - munched on dads leftover chips and battered sausage D: 17.5 for chips... 30 for sausage? (These are probably v. unaccurate as i didn't have many chips and can't find battered sausage)
    Snack (AGAIN D:) 4x choc chip cookie, 4x custard cream.... - 24 syns


    I mean just look how bad that is... shocking a total of 83 syns - for what? Ridiculous. After writing this out i can see why i've probably put weight on this week ;) Going to continue. going to stick to plan. :) I CAN DO THIS. ONLY 6.5LB UNTIL TARGET :D

    onwards and downwards
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  3. eviescott

    eviescott Full Member

    Day 2:

    Breakfast: Hash browns and BBQ Sauce again!!! urgh this time i gave one to my friend - theyre only oven cooked from frozen so thats 4 syns
    Snack - Cookie oops 12
    Lunch - Pasta and Tomato and Basil sauce - Free (hopefully....) and tbsp of full fat mayo 5 syns :/ I bought it from 6th form and usually foods made from scratch but only a small amount of sauce (around 2 tbsp) ill give it 4 syns anyway
    Tea - Roasted peppers and onion with bachelors rice and peas and green beans and 1 tbsp of mayo - 0.5:)

    Total syns - 25.5

    Not totally sabotaged - but will try to improve - resist the cookies and have breakfast before to avoid hash browns as im not getting my super free in... lunch or breakfast. normally i get a potatoe with beans and take salad but not today - damn
  4. eviescott

    eviescott Full Member

    uhoh add another 8 syns (2 cookies and a highlights hot choc!) 33.5 syns... I don't know why im struggling with my syn allowance - maybe lack of planning. If i plan breakfast and lunch then i can avoid unnecessary syns (taking light margarine and lighter than light mayo for my jacket potatoes) having a yoghurt with fruit for breakfast and opting for superfree snacks! Harder than i say though, but im annoyed i've gone over already :p Tomorrow i will have an advantage as i'm going to plan ahead, i'm also not at 6th form long enough to get hash browns or biscuits so can go home. and have a gym session etc!
  5. eviescott

    eviescott Full Member

    Had a Ryvita with dairy lea light (HeA+B) with smoked salmon and also a HiFi light bar as healthy extra B
  6. miss14

    miss14 Full Member

    Here to sub :) you have done so well and are sooo close to target! Think how amazing you will feel when you become a maintainer! I have seen you post loads of helpful advice on this website a million times so you deserve it :) get planning your meals/snacks, and keep up the amazing work :)
  7. eviescott

    eviescott Full Member

    Ah thanks! I know i just thought i might as well write what i was eating on here as i don't find it as much of a chore than writing a food diary! I CANNOT WAIT FOR TARGET (6lb)! :) But i will be changing it before I get there to lose another 17lb to get me down to a safe middle BMI :)

    Today I've eaten so far;

    Banana and 0% Fat activia yoghurt

    Baby new potatoes, sprouts, green beans and peas, quorn chicken and fried onion. I made a cheesey garlic butter sauce thing with 1 dairylea light triangle (HeA), 1tbsp lighter than light mayo - 0.5 syns, 1tsp of light flora light - 2 tbsp - 2 syns and some crushed garlic.

    Overall that was 2.5 syns! yeee doing better already and feeling great/

    BUT... of to Strada (Italian) tonight for a birthday tea with a friend... I've looked at the menu, and basically i have been deprived of nice pizza in so long that i CANNOT resist.. Fortunately they do a Pizzaretta - basically half a pizza with salad for less than 600 cals. (I know i shouldn't count calories) but i know that will keep me under the 2000 intake allowance. I don't want to beat myself up about syns too much.

    Anyway, since i couldn't count syns for the pizza i've decided to count calories today ouchy - but i have an app and so far have had an intake of around 600 so that should bring me nicely to 1200 cals - so i can feel safe about today!

    More worried about tomorrow as I am off out for my birthday... I've basically got no chance of staying in my syn allowance haha probably use around 80 syns alone on alcohol throughout the night... i am going to try my best and not have a takeaway, tempted to buy some chicken drumsticks and cook them in something spicey and nice for a fakeaway for when i get home. but that probably wont go to plan haha. Anyway it's my birthday night out - i will let myself off ;) And then friday its valentines day!! But i am going to restaurant i know very well and basically it's perfect, chargrilled fillet steak (omg its beautiful) with a small side jacket potato and salad! They don't put dressing or butter on either :) So good. May have some vino though so will syn 6syns for any oil they might put on steak (but i dont think they do) and then syn wine, allowing myself 30 syns for Friday.

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